Prof Rose Ngugi, Executive Director, KIPPRA Chief Guest
Prof Caroline Thoruwa
George Scott, Secretary General, AAPAM
Dean SLASS , Dr Wafula
Prof David Minja, chairman, Department of Public Policy and Administration
Prof Minja introducing the guest speaker mr Felix Odhiambo


  • 2021: Initiated Collaboration between Department of Public Policy and Administration and Office of The Controller of Budget.
  • 2020: Initiated Collaboration between Department of Public Policy and Administration and Kenya Institute of Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA)
  • 2019: Initiated Collaboration between Department of Public Policy and Administration and African Association of Public Administration and Management (AAPAM)
  • 2017: Entered into a collaboration between Department of Public Policy and Administration and National University of Public Service, Budapest, Hungary
  • 2017: Facilitated the development of Strategic Plan for Kenya Agricultural Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) under KU- KALRO collaboration agreement.
  • May – July 2015: Led a team from KU, Strathmore University and Kenya School of Monetary Studies in developing a Financial Sector Policy Analysts Capacity Building Programme.


  • April 2020 to date: Principal Investigator- Participation of Women in Corporate Governance. A 5-year research project funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • September, 2020 to date: Researcher, Women Empowerment: Micro-Level Estimation for Women Empowerment Index. A 5- year research project funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • May-June 2018: Won a contract worth Ksh. 900,000 to train 1Cabinet Secretary and 10 Deputy Secretaries from the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The programme focused on ‘Leadership and Good Governance in Public Administration’.
  • January 2018: Won a consultancy contract worth Ksh 1,040,000 to develop Public Relations Society of Kenya Strategic Plan. Funds to be channeled through KU Consultancy Unit
  • September, 2017: Awarded European Union’s Erasmus Grant+ amounting to 2976 Euros as a visiting professor at National University of Public Service(NUPS) and Pazmany Catholic University both in Budapest, Hungary.
  • 2015: Won funding worth US$ 22,250/= to develop a curriculum for Financial Sector Policy Analysts in Kenya. The funding was provided by Financial Sector Deepening Trust.
  • 2014: Won a grant from The Research Foundation of The State University of New York worth Ksh. 169,200.
  • 2013: Awarded Kshs.126,250/= Research Grant by Vice-Chancellor, Kenyatta University.
  • 2007: Won funding proposal Ksh.1,150,000/= for capacity building of Saccos in four provinces ( Nairobi, Central, Eastern and Coast). The funding was given by Swedish Cooperative Centre and Cooperative Bank.
  • 2005: Won funding worth US$ 100,000/= for conducting institutional assessment on management and leadership needs of cooperative societies in Nyandarua County. The proposal was funded by Slovak Aid & UNDP Slovakia


  • August, 15-17, 2022: Facilitated a workshop for Senior Managers of Petroleum & Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN).Theme: Leading Organizational Change Through Labour and Industrial Relations.
  • July,28-August 3,2022: Facilitated development of Policy Implementation Plans for Livestock Policy and Veterinary Policy for State Department of Livestock, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperatives.
  • July,20-21, 2022: Facilitated a workshop for the Trustees of Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology Pension Fund. Theme: Transformational Leadership for Effective Management of Pension Funds.
  • May,10-11,2022: Facilitated a workshop on Public Policy Formulation and Implementation and Good Governance in the Public Sector for senior civil servants from the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Welfare in the Gambia.
  • September, 2021: Facilitated a Strategy and Scenario Planning workshop for CEOs and Board Members at Radisson Blu in Dubai.
  • March, 23-26,2021: Facilitated Performance Management training for senior officers of county governments at White Sands, Hotel, Mombasa.
  • March, 16-20, 2021: Facilitated a Leadership and Governance training for Members of Nakuru County Executive Committee at Diani Reef Hotel, Diani.
  • December,2020: Facilitated a training on Governance and Results-Based Management for Members of County Assembly of the County Government of Nakuru.
  • April- July, 2020: Facilitated the finalization of two (2) Strategic Plans for the State Department of Livestock and Directorate of Livestock Policy Research and Regulations, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Kenya.
  • December, 16-20, 2019: Facilitated Public Policy and Public Communication Workshop for Media and Public Relations Professionals in Dubai.
  • August, 12- 16, 2019: Transformative Leadership and Decision Making workshop for Women Vice Presidents of Public Universities in Ethiopia; funded by UN Women
  • July 11-13, 2019: Facilitated Transformative Leadership and Corporate Governance Training for the Board of Public Relations Society of Kenya.
  • June- July 3rd , 2019: Facilitator- Productivity and Business Process Reengineering, National Defense College- Kenya.
  • April-June, 2019: UNDP Consultant to develop Strategic Plan for Political Parties Disputes Tribunal
  • April-June, 2019: Commonwealth Consultant to develop Youth Mainstreaming Strategy for Commonwealth and Kenya.
  • January-May, 2019: Team Lead in the Formulation of Hides, Skins and Leather Development Sector Strategy for Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Irrigation.
  • July,2018: Conducted Board Performance Evaluation for National Crime Research Centre
  • June 20-25, 2018: Lead Trainer- Senior Officials from Cabinet Office of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
  • April 2018- June 2018: Lead Consultant- Formulation of Youth Mainstreaming (YM) Strategy Framework. Funding agency was the Commonwealth Secretariat, London.
  • January- March, 2018: Facilitated the development of strategic plan for Public Relation’s Society of Kenya
  • February 2018: Facilitated an Entrepreneurship Development Program for CPF Financial Services
  • December, 2017- January, 2018: Facilitated the development of Strategic Plan for Insurance Regulatory Authority
  • March, 2017: Reviewed 2012-2017 Strategic Plan and Facilitated the development of 2017-2022 Strategic Plan of Kenya Roads Board.
  •  March, 2017: Inducted the Council and conducted governance training for National Crime Research Centre. Also reviewed the organization’s Strategic Plan
  • March, 2017: Inducted the Board of Kenya Water Towers Authority
  • December,2016: Facilitated the development of Strategic Plan of Machakos University
  • December,2016: Facilitated the development of Strategic Plan of Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization(KALRO)
  • November, 2016: Facilitated Performance Management training for Human Resources professionals for various county governments
  • November, 2016: Facilitated a workshop for The National Assembly on Transformative and Servant Leadership in public service.
  • October, 2016: Facilitated review of strategic plan of Murang’a University of Technology. I also trained the University Council on corporate governance and strategy.
  • August, 2016: Facilitated corporate governance workshop for TANATHI Water Services Board
  • April, 2016: Facilitated Transformational leadership workshop for CEOs and senior executives in Zanzibar.
  • March 2016: Facilitated Public-Private Partnership workshop for Nakuru County Government
  • November, 2015: Facilitated Strategic Planning and Performance Management workshop for the commissioners and management of Teachers Service Commission.
  • September 2015: Inducted the Board of National Construction Authority
  • August 2015: Inducted the Board of Directors of Kenya Roads Board
  • June, 2015: Inducted the Board and Management of National Water and Pipeline Conservation
  • May, 2015: Corporate Governance training and Induction of the Board and Management of Export Processing Zones Authority.
  • April to June 2015: Developed a curriculum for Financial Sector Policy Analysts in Kenya. The funding was provided by Financial Sector Deepening Trust.
  • April, 2015: Facilitated the development of a corporate strategic plan for National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation
  • March, 2015: Facilitated Corporate Governance training and Board Induction of Insurance Regulatory Authority
  • December,2014: Facilitated Corporate Governance training for Board of Trustees for National Council for Persons With Disabilities
  • November, 2014: Facilitated Corporate Governance training for TANATHI Water Services Board
  • August,2014: Training Director Generals of Republic of South Sudan on Corporate Governance and Strategic Leadership
  • July, 2014: Corporate Governance Training and Induction for the Board of National Council for Persons With Disabilities
  • June, 2014: Effective Governance and Strategic Thinking. Board and Management workshop for National Council for Population and Development (NCPD).
  • April, 2014: Integrity, Ethics and Fight Against Corruption in Public Service- Workshop for Kenya Roads Board
  • February, 2014: Transformative Leadership – Managing an Expanded Legislature in a Presidential System. Second National Assembly Leadership Retreat. Funding Agency: research Foundation of State University of New York ( SUNY).
  • December,2013: Conducted Board induction for National Youth Council, Ministry of Devolution and Planning
  • October, 2013- February, 2014: Facilitated Strategic planning Development for Kenyatta University- City Campus
  • September, 2013: Conducted Board Evaluation for Constituencies Development Fund Board
  • August, 2013:Conducted Board Evaluation for Media Council of Kenya
  • June, 2013: Facilitated a workshop ‘Leading Organizational Change’ for Nairobi Water & Sewerage Company
  • June- January 2014: Development of NCCK( SMEP- LBG) Strategic Plan and Business Plan
  • March 2013: Facilitated board induction and board evaluation of Kenya Roads Board
  • March 2013: Facilitated Leadership workshop for the senior management of Tea Board of Kenya
  • February 2013: Strategic Planning retreat for NASCOP

                  Task: Took the organization through strategic planning process.

  • February 2013- September, 2013: Developed Corporate Strategic Plan for Media Council of Kenya

                  Tasks: Took the Board and management through strategic planning process.

                  Conducted review of just ended strategic plan

                  Developed Corporate Strategic Plan

  • January, 2013: Facilitated training in Change Management and Reforms for National Police Service under the funding of Kenya Government and Swedish Police Board
  • October 2012: National Housing Corporation Board Retreat. Facilitated a retreat for the Board of Directors and senior management. Issues covered included: leading corporate transformation, developing a new culture, organization restructuring, public financial management practice, devolution of services in line with the Constitution of Kenya 2010.
  • September 2012: Director Generals Workshop .Training Director Generals of the Republic of South Sudan on strategic thinking and developing a new culture in post conflict era. Leading transformation was also dealt with.
  • August 2012: Corporate Governance Workshop. Training Media Council Board and Senior Management on various aspects of good corporate governance
  • July 2012: Sierra Leone Public Servants. Training public servants in-charge of performance management and performance contracting in Sierra Leone.
  • June 2012: Training of County Commissioners. Area of focus: Leadership Practice in Devolved Government
  • April- May 2012: Training top leadership of Ministry of Housing. Area of focus: Managing Change in the New Constitutional Order
  • May 2012: Local Government Board of Government of South Sudan- Juba

             Funding Agency- GIZ

             Area of focus: Leadership and Management for Improved Performance in Local Governments

  • 2012 April- May; Kenya Police Service Reform Programme.

                                Areas of focus: Application of Leadership and Project Management Principles and Practices in Police Reforms

                               Funding Agency: Swedish Government through Swedish National Police Board

  • 2011-December: Transformative Leadership for Post Bank senior management.
  • 2008- date: Reviewer of degree programs submitted to Commission for Higher Education for accreditation.

                       Assignment: Human Resources Development- providing technical advise to HR Director, review HR policies and HR Planning.

                     Contract period: June 2010 to September, 2010

                    Contracting organization: SIL International

                      Assignment: Formulation of a Strategic plan

                         Contract Period:    May 2008- April, 2009

                       Contracting Organization:  ACK St. Philips Parish, Gachie

                 Assignment: Leadership Development Training.

                    Target Group:  Christian leaders drawn from Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Uganda and Tanzania.

                    Period:    November, 2008

                    Contracting Organization:  Association of Christian Lay Centers in Africa ( ACLCA).

              Assignment: Leadership Development Training for Africa women Christian leaders held at Co-operative College, Kenya

                         Period:  July, 2008

                   Contracting Organizations:  Pan Africa Christian Women Association & Association of Evangelicals for Africa.

            Assignment: Micro   Finance training

                  Period:              May, 2008

                Organization:   Ndetika Rural SACCO- Kikuyu

  • Assignment :    Capacity building of 8 dairy cooperatives in Nyandarua district

                    Contract period:  16 months [May 2005-June 2006]

                   Funding agencies:          UNDP-Slovakia & government of Slovakia

  • Assignment: Capacity building of Rural Saccos and Micro Finance groups.

                      Contract period:     August 2005-December 2006

                     Client:                    Cooperative Bank of Kenya

                   Funding agency:    Swedish Cooperative Centre


  • Evaluation of Micro Finance Programs.
  • Development of Micro Finance Lending Tool kit.
  • Development of Micro Finance Training Manual
  • Development of strategic plans
  • Development of business plans
  • Conducting PRAs to establish client’s perception on products/services offered by SACCOs and their competitiveness in the financial services sector.
  • Conducting trainings in the following areas:
    • Groups’ formation and management
    • Leadership and Governance
    • Business start-up and management
    • Marketing and customer care
    • Financial management
    • Business Planning
  • Assignment: Building management capacity of SOMWO and its clients

                Client:            Songa Mbele Women Organization [SOMWO]

                Funding agency:      CIDA/GESP

                Contract period:       December 2002- August 2005


  • Conducting a needs assessment of the organization
  • Developing financial, personnel and credit operations polices and procedures.
  • Training of staff and management of the organization on Micro Finance Management.
  • Preparation of a five – years strategic plan.
  • Training of clients and groups in business management skills.
  • Assignment : HIV/AIDS and business management training

                Client: SongaMbele Women Organization

              Funding agency:       National Aids Control Council

                  Contract period:        2003

  • Assignment : Establishment of Micro Finance Company

               Client:   SULMAC credit limited

              Contract period:       2005

            Funding agency:      Client


Dr. Patrick Mbataru Nyambari

Chairman, Department of Public Policy and Administration

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