Learning to be a Leader: Whole Woman; Whole Leader; Whole World
The Candle for Leadership given to each Participant of the the GWLN 2015
The GWLN 2015 Coaches
Being Inspired in the Great Dinner at Silicon Valley.
Participants at the Great Dinner- Silicon Valley Los Santos
With some of the Participants from Nepal
Participants Awaiting to Declare the Vision for Each Leader
Participants Awaiting to Declare the Vision for Each Leader
The Seven Member Kenyan Team in the GWLN 2015 Program, with the Kenyan Vision- “ We Believe a New World is Possible for Kenya Women”

 Conferenced/Workshops/Seminars Attended

 Conferences Attended

  • (2019) Attended the Africa Health Agenda International (AHAIC) Conference held 4th-7th March and presented a poster on Health and Wellbeing of Older Persons in Kenya: Tackling the data gaps and needs- Kigali International Conference Centre, Kigali.
  • (2017) Attended the International (ADOK) 4th African Regional Conference28-29 September 2017 and Presented a paper on The reality of care giving for those with dementia dwelling on attitudes, perceptions, relationships.
  • (2016) Attended and organized the 2nd International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics Conference Regional conference held on 6-9th December 2016 at the APHRC and sponsored by KU, WHO, UNFPA among others.
  • Attended the Inaugural Bioethics Society of Kenya Conference held at Kenyatta University on 6-8th December 2015.
  • (2013) Maritime Security off the East Coast: Moving Beyond Piracy held at White sands Hotel between 17th -20th September 2013 in Dar es Salaam.
  • (2013) Smart Sustainable Cities in Kenya conference organized by the DAAD, IFP and DIES held on 29th and 30th May 2013 at the Safari Park Hotel.
  • (2012) Investment Climate Reforms in Africa: Celebrating Achievements, Sharing Experience and Networking Among Key Stakeholders. Held at the Laico Ragency Hotel on 24th-25th October, 2012 and sponsored by ICBE, Trust Africa and Strathmore University.
  • (2012) the International Gerontology and Geriatrics Association regional conference on Ageing-Beyond Madrid +10. Hosted by the University of Cape town, South Africa between 16th -21st October 2012. Presented a paper on Determinants of Quality of Life among Older Persons in Kenya.
  • (2012) The International Conference on Gender Based Violence: Creating Safe Spaces for Women and Men, A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Gender Based Violence. Held on 1-3rdAugust at Kenyatta University, Kenya. Presented a Paper on Sexual Harassment at in Sporting Activities in Kenya: Towards Policy and Action. 
  • (2011) The International Association of Universities’ conference on Enhancing Access, Equity and Success in Higher Education. Held at the Safari Park Hotel, November 16th- 18th 2011- Presented a poster on Kenyatta University Enhancing Equity and Access to education.

  Workshops Attended

  • (2015) Attended the Alternative Dispute Resolution as a Mechanism for Conflict Resolution in Kenya workshop held at the Hilton, Nairobi 7th-8th May 2015 by Partnership for Peace and Security (PfPS).
  • (2015) Attended a High level breakfast meeting organized by the African Women Studies Centre of the University of Nairobi to validate the Kenya Food Security Bill ahead of Senate/Parliamentary approval on 18th March
  • (2013) GSIA Expert Workshop: on Intergenerational Dynamics and Ageing in Sub-Saharan Africa held on 29th-31st July 2013 in North-western University in South Africa and presented a paper on Changing Intergenerational Relationships and their implications on family structure and functioning in Kenya.
  • Small Enterprise Development in East Africa: Sharing experience and Networking among key stakeholders. A workshop sponsored by Trust Africa, IDRC, CRDI and held on Thursday 9th may 2013 at the Utalii Hotel. Presented a paper on Factors determining women entrepreneurship in Kenya.
  • (2013): East Africa Multi-disciplinary Conference: 12-14th November 2013 at Windsor Golf Club Hotel- Chair of session.
  • (2012) Attended the Security Sector Expenditure Review meeting held at the World Bank’s Global centre on Conflict Security and Development on 1st October, 2012.
  • (2012) Attended the High Level Panel on Challenges and Opportunities for Security Sector Reform (SSR) in East Africa held on 2-3rd October at the United Nations Office in Nairobi (UNON) sponsored by the ADB, UN, ASSN, DCAD, Embassies of Slovakia, Netherlands and Burudi.
  • (2012) Connecting African and Global Endeavour on Human Rights and Older Persons. World health Organization/IAGG/SFGG workshop at the Protea Hotel, Cape Town.
  • (2012) Attended the World Health Organization workshop on “Connecting African and Global Endeavour on Human Rights and Older Persons” held on 17th October, 2012 at the Protea Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa.
  • (2012) High Level Panel on the challenges and Opportunities of Security Sector Reform (SSR) in East Africa held on 2-3rd October, 2012 at the United Nations, Gigiri, Nairobi.
  • (2010) International Association of Universities’ Dissemination workshop of findings of the study the Changing Nature of Doctoral Programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa’. A Study involving six African Universities and commissioned by the International Association of Universities. Held at University of Ilorin, Nigeria, 7th – 11th November 2010.

Seminars Attended

  • Various Doctoral Graduand seminars 2012-2019 Disseminating study findings by Ph.D students at Kenyatta University.
  • (2013) Attended a High level breakfast meeting on aging, data and development, by the Global Age watch Index (GAWI) held at Serena Hotel-Nairobi on 24th October
  • (2013) attended the EAC-University summit hosted by University of Guelph-Canada at Serena Hotel, Dar es Salaam- Presented on Industrialization and communities in Africa.

Dr. Samuel M. Mwangi

Department of Sociology, Gender And Development


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