Learning to be a Leader: Whole Woman; Whole Leader; Whole World
The Candle for Leadership given to each Participant of the the GWLN 2015
The GWLN 2015 Coaches
Being Inspired in the Great Dinner at Silicon Valley.
Participants at the Great Dinner- Silicon Valley Los Santos
With some of the Participants from Nepal
Participants Awaiting to Declare the Vision for Each Leader
Participants Awaiting to Declare the Vision for Each Leader
The Seven Member Kenyan Team in the GWLN 2015 Program, with the Kenyan Vision- “ We Believe a New World is Possible for Kenya Women”

Conference/Workshops/Seminar Papers

Conference Papers

  • (2019) Attended the Kenyatta University Biennial Research and Innovation conference and presented a paper on An Assessment of Older Person’s Health And Well-Being In Kiambu County, Kenya, held at Kenyatta University- 22nd-25th October 2019.
  • (2019) attended the Africa Health Agenda Conference held 4th-7th March and presented a poster on New research develops a standard tool for the measurement of older person’s health and well-being in Kenya and explores disease burden and health determinants Kigali International Conference Centre, Kigali.
  • (2017) attended the International (ADOK) 4th African Regional Conference 28-29 September 2017 and Presented a paper on The reality of care giving for those with dementia dwelling on attitudes, perceptions, relationships.
  • (2013) attended the EAC-University summit hosted by University of Guelph-Canada at Serena Hotel, Dar es Salaam- Presented on Industrialization and communities in Africa.
  • (2012) the International Gerontology and Geriatrics Association regional conference on Ageing-Beyond Madrid +10. Hosted by the University of Cape town, South Africa between 16th -21st October 2012. Presented a paper on Determinants of Quality of Life among Older Persons in Kenya.
  • (2012) The International Conference on Gender Based Violence: Creating Safe Spaces for Women and Men, A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Gender Based Violence. Held on 1-3rdAugust at Kenyatta University, Kenya. Presented a Paper on Sexual Harassment at in Sporting Activities in Kenya: Towards Policy and Action.

 Workshops Papers

  • (2013) GSIA Expert Workshop: on Intergenerational Dynamics and Ageing in Sub-Saharan Africa held on 29th-31st July 2013 in North-western University in South Africa and presented a paper on Changing Intergenerational Relationships and their implications on family structure and functioning in Kenya.
  • Small Enterprise Development in East Africa: Sharing experience and Networking among key stakeholders. A workshop sponsored by Trust Africa, IDRC, and CRDI held on Thursday 9th may 2013 at the Utalii Hotel. Presented a paper on Factors determining women entrepreneurship in Kenya.

  Seminar Papers

  • 2nd School of Security, Diplomacy and Peace Studies Post-graduate seminar opener: Researching Security studies in the 21st Century.
  • 3rd School of Security, Diplomacy and Peace Studies Post-graduate seminar opener: Security and Conflict Research: Implications for Big 4 Agenda and Vision 2030.

Student Co-authored Publications

  • Wanjau, M., Kathuri, L. and Maina, L. (2018) ABC Strategy: How University Students Perception of ABC Strategy Influences Uptake Of Reproductive Health Programs. Proceeding of the 4th International Conference on Public Health, Vol. 4, 2018, pp. 11-22- TIIKM -ISSN 2424 – 6735 online DOI: https://doi.org/10.17501/24246735.2018.410.
  • Brian Mwambu, Elishiba Kimani, Lucy Maina. (2015) Challenges in gender mainstreaming in the management of water at the bridge water project in Kakamega County, Kenya. Merit Research Journal of Art, Social Science and Humanities (ISSN: 2350-2258) Vol. 3(4) pp. 046-054, May 2015. Available online http://www.meritresearchjournals.org/assh/index.htm
  • Mwangi, J., Kimani, E. and Maina, L. (2015). Factors Influencing Participation of Men and Women In Informal Finance Groups In Gachagi Informal Settlement In Thika Sub-County, Kenya. The International Journal of Humanities & Social Studies. (ISSN 2321 -  9203)
  • Pauline Thuku, Lucy Maina and Margaret Gecaga. (2016). The Relationship between Psychosocial Preparation for Retirement and Quality of Life of Retirees in Kenya. International Journal of Social Science and Humanities Research ISSN 2348-3164. Vol. 4, Issue 3, pp: (251-260), Month: July - September 2016, Available at: www.researchpublish.com.
  • Elishiba Kimani, Lucy Maina and Brian Mwambu. (2015) Level of Awareness and Existing Policies on Gender Mainstreaming in the Management of the Bridge Water Project in Kakamega County Kenya. The International Journal of Humanities & Social Studies Journal, Volume 3, Issue 5, Pages 140-145.
  • , Mwambu, E., Kimani and L. Maina (2015). Enhancing The Participation Of Men And Women In The Management Of Water Resources At The Bridge Water Supply Project In Kakamega County, Kenya In Journal of Advances In Humanities 3 (3), 332-341.
  • Njiiri, N. Ngari, L and Maina, L. (2014). Assessment of Implementation of the community policing programme in Nakuru police division, Nakuru County, Kenya. In the International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR), Vol. 3, Issue 11, November 2014. ISSN (Online): 2319-7064. Impact factor 3.358.
  • (2006) Maina, L. and Owino, G.: Gender and the Environment In Environment and Sustainable Development, Vol. I Published by JSPS and School of Environmental Studies, Kenyatta University. ISBN 9966-776-02-08.

Other Publications

  • What Kenya needs to do to improve access to health care by elderly people. Published in the Conversation online platform supported by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. https://theconversation.com/profiles/lucy-maina-322014/dashboard
  • Ethical concerns in researching with older persons; Published In the BSK newsletter, volume 1, Issue 1. 2015.

 Research Experience

  • (2019) Principal Researcher, Professional Military Education and Outcomes in Kenya:A Tracer Study of the Kenya Military Academy Intakes KMA Intakes 0 -04 officers.
  • (2019) Principal Researcher, Psycho-social effects of combat operations and mitigating strategies for enhancing Kenya Defence Forces capabilities. A Research commissioned by the Ministry of Defence and Kenyatta University.
  • (2018) Principal Researcher for the project Health and Wellbeing of Older Persons in Kenya: Tackling the Data Gaps. Funded by the Newton Institutional Links Fund Grant.
  • (2018) Principal Researcher for the Kenya Household Carework Survey. Funded by Oxfam GB.
  • (2017) Researcher in the GOK/World Bank research project on Teacher Deployment and Utilization in Kenya funded by The World Bank.
  • (2016) Co-Researcher Consultant for an Oxfam project on ‘’Women’s Carework Analysis: Impact on participation, development and Empowerment.
  • (2015) Co-Researcher for the KU School of Law Graduate Tracer Study.
  • (2015) Principal Investigator in a University project titled: Assessing impact of computer aided learning in selected primary schools in Kenya. A project funded by Intel Corporation.
  • (2014) Principal Investigator in a University project titled: Entrepreneurial University in Kenya and Selected Countries: Growth and Implications for Innovation, Employability, Skills and Development. Funded through the Vice Chancellor Research grant.
  • (2014) Research Coordinator for the study on Risks and opportunities associated with paying lumpsum pension benefits to retirees in Kenya: implications for income security funded by the Retirement Benefits Authority.
  • (2013) Principal investigator for the Training Needs Assessment of the Kenya Police Service officers in Kenya conducted by the Institute of Peace and Security Studies.
  • (2012) Research Coordinator for the study on Multi-dimensional impacts of a rural industrial park: The case of Magana Industrial park in Kiambu County.
  • (2012) Co-Country Researcher in Evaluating the potential for improving child safety and security through housing and human settlements programming in Kenya. A project by Rooftops Canada Foundation – Fondation Abri International and NACHU-Kenya.
  • (2012) Country Researcher for a research titled   Explanatory Factors of Female Entrepreneurship in Sub-Saharan Africa: the case of Cameroon and Kenya. Collaborative research between University of Nairobi/Universite de Yaounde and Funded by Trust Africa.
  • (2011) Research Coordinator for a Kenya Police Service Project titled “Factors Contributing to Suicide and Murder Cases among Police Officers in Kenya”.  
  • (2010) Research Coordinator in a project titled The Changing Nature of Doctoral Programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa’. A Study involving six African Universities and commissioned by the International Association of Universities.
  • (2010) Project Coordinator in the research investigating the Feasibility of Establishing Postgraduate Hostels at Kenyatta University. Funded by Kenyatta University. (team leader)
  • (2009) Research Coordinator for a research project Investigating Quality of Life among Kenyan Adult Population. Funded by KU, the Retirement Benefits Authority and Equity Bank.
  • (2008) Collaborating Researcher for ICRAF funded research titled A Study of the Impact of Fodder Shrubs in Kenya: A case of selected districts in Kenya.
  • (2008) Collaborating Researcher Gender representation in higher education in Kenya: identifying opportunities for policy, action and linkages with basic education. Funded by UNICEF, Country Office.
  • (2007) Collaborating Researcher for KAPP-KARI funded project titled Optimization and commercialization of fishery value chain within Naro Moru Rural Communities.
  • (2006) Researcher in a VICRES funded Project titled Utilization of Integrated Ecosystem Assessment and Corporate Social Responsibility in Evaluating Effects of Sugarcane Production on Environmental Quality and Community Livelihoods in the Lake Victoria Basin.
  • (2006) Collaborating Researcher for a CHE funded project titled ‘Utilization of Reservoir Dams in Fish Production in Maragwa Thika and Kiambu Districts’.
  • (2006) Country Researcher-African Media Development Initiative (AMDI): A project of the BBC World Service Trust.
  • (2005 to date): Collaborating Researcher for an AICAD funded project titled ‘Introduction of Aquaculture and fishing on Small Dams and Reservoirs to Increase Fish Availability and Income of The Local Communities in Thika and Maragua Districts’- ongoing.
  • (2004):    Documentary researcher in the National Inventory of Social Science Research in Kenya funded by the National Council of Science and Technology (NCST).
  • (1999/2000): Researcher in a Ford Foundation (FF) funded project on ‘Ethnicity Community Relations and Civil Society in Kenya”.
  • (l997): Field supervisor with the N.G.O Council of Kenya in the “N.G.O Sector Survey”.
  • (1996): Researcher for a Ph.D thesis on ‘Participation of Women in Management Posts in Manufacturing Industry”.
  • (1995): Research Assistant for visiting student from Indiana University, U.S.A investigating Participation in Informal Education among Slum Children.
  • (1994): Research Assistant for Winlock International: The Effects of SAPs on Women’s Small Enterprises.

Dr. Samuel M. Mwangi

Department of Sociology, Gender And Development


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