Learning to be a Leader: Whole Woman; Whole Leader; Whole World
The Candle for Leadership given to each Participant of the the GWLN 2015
The GWLN 2015 Coaches
Being Inspired in the Great Dinner at Silicon Valley.
Participants at the Great Dinner- Silicon Valley Los Santos
With some of the Participants from Nepal
Participants Awaiting to Declare the Vision for Each Leader
Participants Awaiting to Declare the Vision for Each Leader
The Seven Member Kenyan Team in the GWLN 2015 Program, with the Kenyan Vision- “ We Believe a New World is Possible for Kenya Women”

Membership Of Professional Bodies 

  • Kenya Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (KAGG) - Membership Number 13
  • Christian Scientific Association of Kenya (CSAK) - Membership number KCSA/17/0277


  • Successfully supervised thirteen (13) PhD students and forty (40) Masters’ students.
  • Published forty two (42) articles in peer reviewed journals in diverse fields.
  • Published eight (8) books, seven (7) book chapters, two (2) books editorship and seven (7) E-Learning modules.
  • Participated in seminars, trainings and workshops.
  • Engaged in various consultancies with local, regional and international organizations and institutions.
  • Received Kenyatta University Vice Chancellor’s Award for exemplary performance in recognition and appreciation of demonstrated commitment and hard work in the University (December 2012).
  • Continuous engagement in community service and outreach.
  • Held different leadership and university management positions as Departmental Examination coordinator, Chairman, Director, Associate Dean Graduate School and currently Ag. Dean-Graduate School
  • Appointed as Chairman and member of various Committees and Boards in the university.
  • Served in various national, regional and  international boards
  • Trained and appointed by the Commission for University Education to participate as a peer reviewer for University programmes and Site inspection.
  • Participated in the development and review of academic programmes for the Department of Sociology, Gender and Development Studies, School of Security, Diplomacy and Peace Studies as well as other institutions outside Kenyatta University.
  • Participated in the writing of grant proposals for the University.
  • Networked with many organizations and institutions, nationally, regionally and globally.
  • Initiated and operationalized the Kenyatta University Mentoring Program in 2006 to 2013.

Research and Development Grants:

  • 2014/2015: Participated as a member of the committee that developed the Grant Proposal that resulted with winning the partnership between Kenyatta University and USAID for the hosting of Regional Leadership Centre -under USA President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI).
  • Nov 2014: I participated as a member of the Committee that developed a research grant proposal that brought 5,300,000 ($58,889) to the University for the rehabilitation of Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga- the Agikuyu Shrine.
  • October 2014 to July 2015: Participated as a member of the committee that developed a research proposal in Dec 2013 for KSH. 4,760,300 ($ 51,958) as a research grant from Kenya Retirement Benefit Authority (RBA). The study in which I was one of the researchers was on the “Risks and opportunities associated with paying lump sum pension benefits to retirees in Kenya: implications for income security”.
  • November, 2012 to January, 2013: Participated as a member of the team who developed the technical proposal for UN Women African Centre for Transformational Leadership (ACTIL), for establishment of a training centre in 2012 through a partnership between UN Women Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office in Kenya and Kenyatta University to host ‘Africa Centre for Inclusive Transformational Leadership’ Initial grant awarded to the University for the Project was $ 57,000,000.
  • October 2008 – September 2009: I have successfully applied for a research grant for a joint research project for UNICEF/ Association for Strengthening Higher Education for Women in Africa (ASHEWA) /Kenyatta University for Kenya country level research work entitled “Female Representation in various levels of education in Kenya: Identifying Opportunities for Policy, Action and Linkages”- Funded in December 2008, amount of the Grant- 1,101,3 50.

Dr. Samuel M. Mwangi

Department of Sociology, Gender And Development


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