Wahadhiri wa Idara ya Kiswahili na wageni walio hudhuria semina iliyoandaliwa kusherehekea siku ya Lugha Mzazi akiwemo Naibu Balozi wa Bangladesh, Mheshimiwa Bw. Sayed Ahmed na Prof. Onywera - Registrar , Research, Innovation and Outreach miongoni mwa wageni wengine.
Wanafunzi idarani wakiwa kwenye kongamano la CHAWAKAMA katika chuo kikuu cha Maasai Mara- Narok, Kenya
Wanaidara waliohudhuria semina ya idara kusikiliza mawasilisho ya wenzao waliohudhuria kongamano la CHAWAKAMA - Chuo Kikuu cha Maasai Mara- mwezi wa Novemba, 2019.
Chairperson, Dr Pamela Ngugi and Dr Beth Mutugu during a visit of Othaya Girls High School visited to the department on 11th March, 2020

Title : Associate Professor 
Department: Kiswahili
Address: P.O.Box 66872-00800 ,Westlands, Nairobi
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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  • 2013:Fulbright Hays Group Projects Abroad hosted by Michigan State University and Ohio University with Dr. Deo Ngonyani (PI) $362,128. A program that takes Advanced Swahili students for an intensive course during the summer. In-Country Director during the 2014 and 2015 at MS-TCDC in Arusha Tanzania.
  • 2013:Faculty Fellowship Leave. August 2013-December 2013
  • 2016:US department of Education grant (Swahili STARTALK) PI $ 90,000. A 4-week intensive summer program that aims to teach Swahili to American students at Ohio University

chair swahili dept

Dr. Pamela Muhadia Ngugi

Mwenyekiti, Idara ya Kiswahili 

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