Visit to Kenyatta University by German team from ISOE and FiW
Millennial Global Transformation: From the Physical to the Anthropocene, Essays in honour of Prof Celia Nyamweru

On-going Research Projects

  1. Research Project Title: Using Geographic Information System (GIS) in crime mapping and analysis in Kasarani Sub-County, Nairobi County, Kenya.
    Roles: - DR. Shadrack K. Murimi: Principal Investigator (PI); DR. P Muiruri: 1st Co-Investigator (1st Co-I); DR. F. Kinyanjui: - 2nd Co-Investigator (2nd Co-I).
    Funding Institution/Agency: Kenyatta University; Vice Chancellor’s research grant (2017/2018) academic year.
    Status: - On-going.

Completed Research Projects

  1. Research Project Title: Geological and archaeological survey----Research in Lake Magadi-Natron Basin; Kajiado District, Kenya. Research Permit OP/13/001/16c 213/45.
    Roles: DR. Shadrack K. Murimi (Geography Department, Kenyatta University, Nairobi – Kenya): Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI).
    - Prof. John W. Barthelme (St. Lawrence University – Canton, U.S.A): Principal Investigator (PI);
    Funding Institution/Agency: St. Lawrence University (Canton NY – Anthropology Department.
    Status: - Completed (May 1997 – To – December, 2000).
  2.  Research Project Title: - Integrated solutions to answer challenges of food insecurity in times of climate change: Learning from Abraha we Atsbeha IWM project; Tigray, Mekella, Ethiopia.
    Roles: - DR. S.K. Murimi: Research Team member.
    Funding Institutions/Agencies: - Relief Society of Tigray (REST); Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources Development, Ethiopia; German International Cooperation (GIZ); and DAAD.
    Status: - Completed - 24th April, 2015.
  3. Research Project Title: - Capacity building in integrated watershed management for sustainable natural resource management and conflict resolution; Mt. Elgon, Uganda.
    Roles: - DR. Shadrack Murimi: Research Assistant.
    Funding Institutions/Agencies: - Center for International Capacity Development (Cicd)-Universitat Siegen, Germany; World Agroforestry centre.
    Status: - Completed – July, 2011/August, 2012.
  4. Research Project Title:- Development of tools for holistic multidisciplinary sustainable approach to Natural Resources Management that ensures a multi-stakeholder participation of local communities in conflict resolution in decision making process in Transboundary Mountainous Ecosystems of Eastern Africa; Bududa and Kapchorwa sites; Mbale, Uganda.
    Roles: - DR. S.K. Murimi: Research Assistant.
    Funding Institutions/Agencies: - African Highlands Initiative (AHI); International Centre for Research in AgroForestry (ICRAF), and UNESCO-PCCP (Potential Conflict to Co-operation Potential).
    Status: - Completed – 2011.
  5. Research Project Title: - Participatory 3D modelling for Telecho community; Foata mountains. Ethiopia.
    Roles: - DR. Shadrack K. Murimi: GIS Technical Expert in charge of QGIS digitizing.
    Funding Institutions/Agencies: - MELCA Mahiber Mekelle, Ethiopia); Technical Centre for Agricultural (CTA) and Rural Co-operation (ACP-EU) Ethiopia.
    Status: - Completed – December, 2010.
    Research Project Title: - Financial Instruments in Integrated Watershed Management (IWM) for Kiladeda/Weruweru subcatchment of Pangani basin. Tanzania.
  6. Roles: - DR. S.K. Murimi: Research Assistant
    Funding Institutions/Agencies: - Pangani Basin Water Authority (PBWA), Tanzania; Kiladeda Water-User communities (KWUC), Tanzania; German water sector reform Programme (GTZ), Germany-Tanzania and German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).
    Status: - Completed – 2010.
  7. Research Project Title: - Development of participatory watershed management plans for two (2) sub-catchments in Upper Tana Basin, Kenya.
    Roles: DR. Shadrack K. Murimi: Research Assistant.
    Funding Institutions/Agencies: - DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service); German Ministry of Economic Co-operation and Development; German Water Sector Reform Programme (GTZ – WSRP), Germany-Kenya.
    Collaborating organizations: - Water Resource Management Authority (WRMA) Kenya and Resource User Associations (BWARUA & NgaKinya RUA, Meru County-Kenya).
    Status: - Completed (From, 2006 – To - 2008).
  8. Research Project Title: - Global Environmental Fund (GEF) RIFT VALLEY LAKES PROJECT (KENYA).
    Roles: - MR. Shadrack K. Murimi: Resource Person
    Funding Institution/Agency: - National Museums of Kenya (NMK) – Research and Scientific Affairs Dept; Global Environmental Fund (GEF).
    Status: - Completed (2000).
  9. Research Project Title: -The Quality of Primary Schools and Pupil Achievement in Kenya. Research Permit No. ADM/13/001/C941/12 – March, 1984).
    Roles: MR. Shadrack Murimi: Research Assistant.
    -Professor- Prof. D.N. Sifuna (Kenyatta University College – Nairobi): Principal Investigator (PI);
    Funding Institution/Agency: Kenyatta University College (Faculty of Education).
    Status: Completed 1985.

Evidence of Research Grant Application

  1. Research Project Title: - Applications of innovative remote sensing tools and climate vulnerability and capacity analysis methodologies in assessing food and nutrition security in agro-ecological zones in river tana basin, kenya.
    Roles: - DR. Shadrack K. Murimi: Principal Investigator (PI).
    Status: - Evaluation/Processing Stage.
  2. Research Project Title:- Integration of Groundwater resource prospecting to address decreasing quality and quantity of water sources in times of uncertainty in climatic change and variability in Nyambene stratovolcanic highlands, Meru county, Kenya.
    Roles: - DR. Shadrack K. Murimi: Principal Investigator (PI).
    Submitted for Funding to: a). - UPGro 2012 Catalyst Grants Under UKaid NATURAL ENVIRONMENT RESEARCH COUNCIL (E.S.R.C. ECONOMIC & SOCIAL RESEARCH COUNCIL).
    b). Kenyatta University Vice-Chancellor’s Research Grant: 2015
    Status: - Not Successful.
  3. Research Project Title: - Community security audits using PCiGIS to formulate crime prevention strategies for Nairobi city, Kenya.
    Roles: - DR. Shadrack K. Murimi: Principle Investigator (PI).
    Submitted for Funding to: - Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation (2013).
    Status: - Not Successful.
  4. Research Project Title: - Community Empowerment for Climate Change Adaptation Planning and Advocacy to enhance food and nutrition security and alleviate poverty among small-scale farmers in the Mutonga River watershed, Meru County, Kenya.
    Roles: - DR. S.K. Murimi: Principle Investigator (PI).
    Submitted for Funding to: - Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MHEST); National Council for Science and Technology (NCST), 2012/2013.
    Status: - Not Successful.
  5. Research Project Title: - Using participatory community integrated geographic information system (PGIS) to protect Mount Kenya forest heritage: The case of Mutonga watershed, Upper Tana Basin, Kenya.
    Roles: - DR. Shadrack K. Murimi: Principle Investigator (PI).
    Submitted for Funding to: - Ritsumeikan University, Research Center for Disaster Mitigation of Urban Cultural Heritage (UNESCO Chair Program on Cultural Heritage and Risk Management; 2010/2011).
    Status: - Not Successful.


Dr. Thomas N. Kibutu
Chairman, Department of Geography


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FIELD TRIPS: AGE 313 from 30th March to 1st April 2018 in Central Rift Valley of Kenya AGE 300 from 24th to 28th April 2018 in coastal region of Kenya

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