Learning to be a Leader: Whole Woman; Whole Leader; Whole World
The Candle for Leadership given to each Participant of the the GWLN 2015
The GWLN 2015 Coaches
Being Inspired in the Great Dinner at Silicon Valley.
Participants at the Great Dinner- Silicon Valley Los Santos
With some of the Participants from Nepal
Participants Awaiting to Declare the Vision for Each Leader
Participants Awaiting to Declare the Vision for Each Leader
The Seven Member Kenyan Team in the GWLN 2015 Program, with the Kenyan Vision- “ We Believe a New World is Possible for Kenya Women”

Title/Qualifications: Ph.d
Department/Unit/Section: Sociology
Contact Address: Box 127, 00606 Nairobi
Position: Lecturer
Area of Specialization: Demography and Social Research Methods
Research Interests: Demography, Sociology of the family
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Conference Presentations

  • P. Moloo, 2012, History. Culture and heritage of Asian African families in Kenya, Asian African heritage Trust, Trust paid for the research costs
  • Philista Onyango and Parvin Walji, 1990, KABP survey on Aids in Kenya, WHO


  • Kaongo-male and P. Walji, 1979, Children at work in Kenya
  • Mette Monsted & Pervin Walji, 1978, A demographic Analysis of E.Africa


  • P.Moloo UNICEF 2000 Child domestic labour in Kenya
  • P. Moloo UNICEF 2002 Child labour in Commercial agr. In Kiambu and Nyeri
  • P.Moloo AKDN 2010 Poverty alleviation in Ismailia community in Kenya

Dr. Samuel M. Mwangi

Department of Gender and Development Studies


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