Members of community outreach programme, department of psychology exercised a mentorship programme in Michinda Secondary School in Nakuru County on Friday 12th March 2016. Michinda is a four streamed Boys' Boarding secondary school situated in Elburgon ward in Molo sub- county.

The department of psychology team was responding to an invitation by the principal of Michinda secondary school to offer some psychological interventions due to alarming decline in academic performance at national examinations  

The school was also going through a management change crisis in the event of incoming of a new head teacher and deputy head teacher.
In addition, the students had gone on rampage in second term, 2015 leaving behind a trail of mass destruction of property in school and thus the school seemed to be suffering post traumatic stress disorder and low self esteem among the students, teachers and support staff.  

Therefore, the purpose of the mentorship visit was to restore hope, encourage team spirit among teachers and support staff members and to equip students with career advice, appropriate study skills addition enhance self confidence.

The Participants from the department of psychology included:

  • Dr. Rev. Davis Gatua – the co-ordinator
  • Dr. Christine Wasanga -Lecturer - psychologist
  • Dr. WilfridaOlaly     –Lecturer - psychologist
  • Dr. John SansonOteyo – Lecturer - psychologist
  • Dr. Agnes Nthangi    – Lecturer - psychologist
  • Dr. Robert Kipnusu    –Lecturer - Psychologist
  • Grace Bunyanzi              – Student
  • Peter Kioni                 – Student
  • Charles Kyangu              - Student
  • Frecia Ng'endoWarutumo      – Student
  • Tabitha Susan Wanjiku Kibira- Student

1. On arrival to Elburgon town, the team visited Hope of Glory Centre for Children with Disabilities and participated in encouraging the children and their parents / guardians and also distributed some clothes to the children as shown on picture.


The team at the centre of children with disabilities.Dr.Wasanga helps in distribution of clothes.


At the Hope of Glory Centre for Children with Disabilities.After giving some messages of hope to the children and parents/ guardians.


2. At Michinda secondary school, different groups were attended concurrently as indicated.


Dr. Oteyoattended Form Three and Four Students in company of Tabitha and Freciah as seen


Dr. Nthangi attended Form One and Two Students in a company of Charles, and Peter as seen


Dr. Wasanga and Dr.Olaly had impacting moment with all the 34 members of the teaching staff.


Dr. Kipnusu attended all the school support staff members


Dr. Rev. Davis ensured that all activities were taking place as programmed. Counselling sessions to all targeted groups took two hours.


Finally the entire school congregated at the assembly ground for concluding remarks in which Dr. Wasanga took the centre stage.

 The mentorship visit to Michinda secondary school was successful and great change is highly expected. Please see attached copy of Principal's letter of appreciation



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