Kenyatta University Linguistics Circle Seminar
Department of English & Linguistics
Invites you to a presentation on:
‘Dictionaries in a Multilingual Society: Challenges and Benefits.’


Dr. Ivo Vasiljev (PhD.)
Member of the Prague Linguistic Circle, Czech Republic.

Chair: Prof. Chege Githiora, Kenyatta University.

In this presentation I will discuss the symbolic and educational value of dictionaries, as well as their importance in quality communication for a society. Overall, producing a dictionary is one of the highest values linguists can offer the people of their nation.  Explanatory monolingual dictionaries and bilingual dictionaries are needed in a multilingual society. To decide which dictionaries (what kind, for what language or languages) are needed first, or most, is a matter to be substantiated by research. Language Management Theory can provide useful guidelines for such an undertaking in which all values listed above have to be considered. Based on such research, a long-term action plan for building a national dictionary treasure (the total of all dictionaries serving the nation in accordance with the language policy of the nation) can be set up and an appropriate infrastructure can be built. Production of dictionaries is usually associated with high-prestige, but clumsy academic institutions and high cost. Our recent experience shows that it can be done differently: efficiently, rather quickly, with high quality and with minimum cost. I am going to share with the audience some of these experiences.

DATE: Wednesday, 26th March, 2014
Time: 10.30AM – 12.00 Noon


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