University  regulations  for  Master’s  degree  shall  apply.The  general  regulations  for  Master’s
degree in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences shall apply.The following shall be eligible for registration for M.A. in Counselling Psychology.

  • A holder of a Bachelor’s degree with at least upper second class of Kenyatta University or any other recognized University
  • A holder of a Bachelor’s degree, with at least lower second class of Kenyatta University or any other recognized University, plus a Postgraduate Diploma in Education or Coun selling, or its equivalent, with at least a credit level pass
  • Bachelor’s Degree with at least Second Class Honours(Upper Division) from Kenyatta University or any other recognized university
  • Those with Second Class (Lower Division) may be considered on condition that they have Grade “C” and above in units relevant to their areas of specialization or a Post graduate Diploma in Counseling or Education or equivalent with at least a Credit Level Pass.

Duration and Pattern of the Programme
The M.A. programme in Counselling Psychology shall extend over a period of twenty four months. Students for M.A. in Counselling Psychology will be expected to do coursework, examination and research project/thesis.Students will spend their first year doing fourteen Units, of which twelve will be Core and two Elective Units.In the second year first semester, students will be expected to do a 500 hours supervised practicum at the end of which they will write a practicum report. In the second semester, students will work on their research project. The practicum and project are equivalent to four units as follows: APS 502: Research Project (4 Units), APS 503: Counselling Practicum (4 Units)

Areas of Specialization
Students for the Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology can focus their research project on any of the following four areas:

  • Counselling in School and Higher Education.
  • Community and Agency Counselling.
  • Family Therapy and Systemic Practice
  • Chemical Dependency counselling

Elective courses should be selected to tally with the focus of the candidate’s area of concentration. For example, students who wish to work in a community setting (ii) above, will choose courses which will help them work in that area.

Mode of Evaluation
All taught courses shall be examined at the end of the semester in which they are taught, while in second year first semester, students shall be devoted to clinical practicum work. The practicum report will be assessed and marked out of 100 per cent. Students will carry out a counselling research project on an approved subject.  A research report embodying the results shall be presented to the University for Examination. The report shall conform to the procedure for thesis writing in Psychology and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of Kenyatta University.
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
The following grading criteria will be used: Continuous Assessment:  40%Final Examination:
60%The Pass mark for each course shall be 50%.

Requirements for Graduation
To qualify for the award of the Master of Arts degree in counseling psychology, a candidate must have passed all required units including the practicum and the research project. Students will be expected to have completed 25 hours of personal therapy half of which should have been done before proceeding on practicum.  Students will be expected to undergo practicum supervision of three hours a week during the period that they will be on practicum (APS 522).

Distribution of Units
During the first year of study, students will be required to take FOURTEEN Units as follows: In the first semester, students will take seven units all of which are core. In the second semester, students will be required to take five core units and two electives. Alternatively, the units can be taken in three semesters: five in first and second semester and four in the trimester. In the second year of study, students will be required to take a 500 hour supervised counseling practicum (APS 503) and a research project (APS 502). The practicum and the research project will each be equivalent to 4 units.

Unit Code and Title

Level 800
AMC 800: Research Methods in Social Sciences
APS 804: Fundamentals and Process of Counselling
APS 805: Theories of Counselling
EPS 827: Theories of Personality
APS 810: Introduction to Psychopathology
APS 817: Psychological Assessment and Evaluation
APS 819: Developmental Psychology
APS 813: Addiction Counselling and Psychotherapy
APS 816: Professional and Ethical Issues in Counselling
APS 818: Group Counselling
AMC 801: Statistics in Social Sciences
APS 807: Counselling Skills and Techniques
APS 808: Marital and Family Therapy
APS 814: Loss and Grief Counselling
APS 803: Counselling Field Practicum /APS 822: Counselling Practicum Supervision* APS 802: Research Project*

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