Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Education (Arts) Degree of at least Second Class Honours (Upper Division) or its equivalent in related disciplines from a recognized university.Those with Second Class (Lower Division) may be considered on condition that they have Grade “C” and above in units relevant to their areas of specialization.

Core Units
AMC 800: Research Methods in Social Sciences
AHT 802: Philosophy of History (Core for History but elective for Archaeology and Govern- ment).
AHT 811: Principles of Advanced Archaeology (Core for Archaeology)
AHT 818: Modern Political History (Core for Government but elective for History).
AHT 819: Archaeological Research Design, Theory and Methodology (Core for Archaeology)

AHT 803: Social and Economic History of Africa
AHT 804: Political Processes in Africa
AHT 805: History of International Relations
AHT 806: African Intellectual History
AHT 807: Themes in Modern European History
AHT 808: Themes in Modern Asian History
AHT 809: Themes in Modern Latin American History
AHT 810: Comparative Labour History
AHT 812: Theories of Development
AHT 813: Comparative Politics in History
AHT 814: The History of Policy Processes in Africa
AHT 815: Issues in the Political Economy of Africa
AHT 816: The Political Economy of Public Administration
AHT 817: Political Psychology
AHT 818: Modern Political Theory
AHT 820: Human Adaptations in Archaeological Perspective
AHT 821: Paleolithic Archaeology and Human Evolution
AHT 823: Archaeological Laboratory
AHT 824: Environmental Archaeology
AHT 825: Women’s Movements
AHT 826: Issues in African Archaeology
AHT 827: Cultural Resource Management
AHT 828: Museology

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