The common regulations for all Masters degrees in the University shall apply. The general regulations for all Masters Degrees in the school of Humanities and Social Sciences shall apply. The following shall be eligible for registration.

  • Bachelor of Education Degree of at least Second Class Honours (Upper Division) or its equivalent with a specialization in French, from a recognized university.  Applicants with Bachelor’s in (Teaching French as a Foreign Language) may have a unit waiver of the first Semester units.
  • Those with Second Class (Lower Division) may be considered on condition that they have Grade “C” and above in units relevant to their areas of specialization.
  • Candidates with a Bachelor in Teaching French as a Foreign Language may have a unit waiver of the first semester units.

The University Examination regulations shall apply. A student enrolled in the programme shall be expected to take examinations in all the units taught. Final examinations will account for 70% while Continuous Assessment will be 30%. The University regulations shall apply.

Unit Codes and Titles
Year one
Level 800
AFF 816: Semiotics: Analysis of Cinema in the Francophone World
AFF 817: Learning of a New Language
AFF 818: Approaches in Literature and Culture AFF 820: Phonology and Corrective Phonetics AFF 821: Multilingualism and Identities
AFF 822: Grammar and Lexicology
AFF 823: Class Observation and Didactical Analysis
AFF 824: Trends in Methodology
AFF 825: ICT and Teaching/Learning of FFL
AFF 826: Interaction Analysis and Oral Communication
Year two
AFF 828: Conception of Learning Programmes for Professionals
AFF 829: Assessment of Learning Content
AFF 830: Intercultural Approach to the Teaching of French as a Foreign Language
AFF 832: Advanced Communication Skill

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