Entry Requirements

  • Common regulations for diploma programme in the university shall apply.
  • General regulations for diploma programs in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences shall apply.
  • Departmental regulations for diploma programme shall apply.
  • Mean grade of C (plain) at KCSE or its equivalent with at least grade C- (minus) in English or Kiswahili OR KACE with at least a subsidiary pass OR Mean grade of C (plain) at KCSE with a certificate in Japanese language awarded by Kenyatta University or level 4 Japanese Language Proficiency Test awarded by Japan Foundation or other recognized Institution.
  • A certificate in Japanese language from Kenyatta University, Japanese Language
  • Proficiency Test (JLPT) level III or a certificate from any other recognized institution.

A student enrolled in the programme shall be expected to take and pass examinations in all unit
Final examination will account for 70% while continuous assessment will be 30%.

Students in the Diploma Programme in Japanese will be required to successfully complete the 24 units offered to qualify for the award of Diploma of Kenyatta University in Japanese Language.

Unit Codes and Titles

First Semester
AFJ 010: Introduction to Japanese Society in the Modern World
AFJ 011: Japanese Language I AFJ 012: Japanese Grammar I AFJ 013: Situational Japanese I
AFJ 014: Japanese Reading and Writing I
AFJ 015: Phonetics and Phonology in Japanese Language

Second Semester
AFJ 020: Cultural Heritage and Affinities with Nature
AFJ 021: Japanese Grammar II AFJ 022: Language II
AFJ 023: Situational Japanese II AFJ 024: Reading and Writing II AFJ 025: Listening Skills I

Third Semester
AFJ 030: Business Japanese I AFJ 031: Language III
AFJ 032: Situational Japanese III AFJ 033: Reading and Writing III AFJ 034: Grammar III
AFJ 035: Listening Skills II
Fourth Semester
AFJ 040: Business Japanese II AFJ 041: Translation
AFJ 042: Language IV
AFJ 043: Situational Japanese IV AFJ 044: Listening Skills III
AFJ 045: Reading and Writing IV

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