The common regulations for certificate programme in the university shall apply.
The general regulations for certificate studies in schools concerned shall apply.
Mean grade of C- (Minus) at KCSE or equivalent with at least a C- (minus) in English or Kiswahili or one (1) subsidiary at KACE (‘A’ Level).

Unit Codes and Titles
Semester 1
AFJ 00I: Introduction to Japanese Languages and People
AFJ 002: Japanese Language 1
AFJ 003: Japanese Grammar 1
AFJ 004: Function Japanese 1
AFJ 005: Reading and Writing
AFJ 006: Listening Skills 1

Semester 2
AFJ 007: Japanese Grammar II AFJ 008: Japanese Language II AFJ 009: Function Japanese II AFJ 010: Reading and Writing II
AFJ 011: Japanese Phonetics and Phonology
AFJ 012: Listening Skills II

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