English language is one of the principal media of international communication as it is the language that is used in business dealings, scholarship, information and technology among others. Many activities in the modern world seem to be organized through the medium of the English Language.  This is the case even in countries that have been traditionally non-English speaking.  It is with this view in mind that courses should be designed to meet the needs of those who wish to advance their learning of  English whether such learners come from within or outside Kenya.

Many people lack basic skills in the English language in spite of its important role as a medium of communication in the present day world. These include students to whom English is a foreign language as well as those who have a secondary school certificate but have not attained adequate proficiency in the language to enable them undertake regular programmes at the university and other tertiary institutions. The rationale for this programme is to enhance the knowledge of English Language of these categories of learners, in order to improve their communication skills in English for academic as well as other purposes.

The objectives of this programme are to enable learners to:

  • Know how to read and understand English.
  • Develop adequate vocabulary and structures of English.
  • Interpret and infer information and respond appropriately to what they read.
  • Write effectively in English for general communication and for academic purposes.
  • Speak clearly, fluently and confidently in English.

Entry Requirements
Minimum KCSE Grade D (D plain or equivalent qualification.

  • Examination will be governed by the University regulations.
  • Examination will be both oral and written
  • Coursework will be both oral and written
  • Coursework will constitute 30 %.
  • The main examination will constitute 70%.
  • A candidate who fails after re-sitting will not qualify for the award of the certificate.

Students will be awarded a certificate of proficiency in English Language of Kenyatta University.

a)  Distinction - 70% to 100%
b)  Credit 1 - 60% to 69%
c)  Credit 2 - 50% to 59%
d)  Pass - 40% to 49%
e)  Fail - 39% and below

a)  To complete this certificate course, students must take all the twelve units.
b)  Each unit is equivalent to 35 lecture hours.
c)  The programme will run for six months from January to July with one months break

Course Structure

Session 1
AEN 001:  Listening and Pronunciation Skills
AEN 002:  Listening and Speaking Skills
AEN 003:  Introduction to Reading in English
AEN 004:  Reading in English
AEN 005:  Grammar and Vocabulary I
AEN 007:  Writing Skills I

Session II
AEN 006:  Grammar and Vocabulary II
AEN 008:  Writing Skills II
AEN 009:  Speaking Skills
AEN 010:  Advanced Grammar and Vocabulary
AEN 011:  Advanced Writing
AEN 012:  Advanced Reading Skills


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