The growth of Kenyatta University as a world class University has seen an increase in the number of foreign students. These are students who need to learn English as a Foreign Language.   There are also other students who need to improve their competence in the English Language.  In view of this, this course is designed to assist those who wish to learn basic English and those that need to improve their English Skills.

Many of the foreign students at Kenyatta University come from a language background where English is not the medium of instruction, yet English is the Medium of instruction in all the University programs.  The English Support Unit is meant to help such students acquire the basic English Skills.

In line with the mission of English and Linguistics Department which is to contribute to academic excellence in Language use, the purpose of this programme is to provide knowledge and skills in English Language proficiency.  This is by training those with inadequate English Language background.  In the four skills of the Language i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing, to enable them communicate effectively both academically and socially as a members of the English Language speech community.

The objectives of this programme are to enable learners to:

  • Demonstrate ability to read and comprehend English texts.
  • develop adequate vocabulary and knowledge of the structure of English
  • write effectively in English
  • speak clearly, fluently and confidently in English
  • Interpret and infer information and respond appropriately to what they read.


Entry Requirements
Kenyatta University students who are already enrolled for other programmes.
An English placement will be administered to prospective students. The largest group will be foreign students with minimal English background intending to study in Kenyatta University.  The placement test will be used to determine their entry level which will be of three categories; nil proficiency, minimal proficiency and basic proficiency.

The students will be expected to sit for a placement test at the beginning of the course. attend all the lessons, then sit for an exit examination at the end of the course so that they can be awarded a Certificate of attendance.

The duration of the course is one semester.  The number of units to be taken by the students will be determined the results of the diagnostic placement test.

Structure of the course:

  • The course will have a maximum of six units to be taught over two semesters.
  • Each unit shall be taught in blocks of 2 hours for 14 weeks (28 hrs)

Fees Structure:

  • Full course: $500
  • Unit cost: $100
  • Placement test: $50

Maximum class size is 15 for individualized attention.
Teaching Resources:

  • Dictionaries, basic grammar books, simple story books, audio-visual material
  • Audio tape recorder, computer, TV, language tapes.

Teaching Methodology
Emphasis is on a learner centered approach thus making the course as interactive as possible.

  • Oral presentations
  • Drills (pattern practice)
  • Interactive group and pair exercises
  • Use of audio-visual materials and exercises
  • Use of language games
  • Question and answer sessions


AEN 001:  Listening and Pronunciation skills

AEN 002:  Listening and Speaking Skills

AEN 003:  Introduction to Reading in English 

AEN 004:  Reading in English

AEN 005:  Basic Writing Skills

AEN 006:  Basic Writing Skills

AEN 007:  English for Specific Purposes


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