The English language and linguistics is important in different fields. The market for grammarians and linguists has continued to broaden to areas such as teaching, lexicography, translation, media and language and speech therapy among others. This shift demands a curriculum that caters for the job market needs.  It is for this reason that the Department seeks to redefine the role of linguists in academics and language-related fields.  It trains professionals in linguists better suited to meet the challenges that linguistic diversity poses for the Kenyan academia and the society at large, today and in the future.


The Department of English and Linguistics is one of the oldest and well established in the country. It believes it is important to train people who are well-grounded in English grammar and linguistics, both general and theoretical.  English grammar is the bedrock of all the language skills. Now that the medium of instruction right from mid -primary to the tertiary level is English, a mastery of the grammar of English is imperative.>>Read More<<




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