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Bachelor of Arts Degree Overview

Students taking sociology as part of their Bachelor of Arts (BA) studies combined it with two other disciplines in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences during their 100 and 200 levels. At 300 and 400 level, they may be sociology majors, regular or minor. That is, during their 1st and 2nd years, students taking sociology at undergraduate level take all units offered. At 3rd and 4th years, students have an option of acquiring a major in sociology (8 units per year), regular (6 units per year), or a minor (4 core units per year).
The course in sociology covers the discourse of human living in groups context. There are theory based courses as well as applied units.

Undergraduate Programmes:

  • Bachelor of Arts(English And Linguistics)
  • Bachelor of Arts(Sociology)
  • Bachelor of Arts(Philosophy)
  • Bachelor of Arts(Religious Studies)
  • Bachelor of Arts(Psychology)
  • Bachelor of Arts(Counselling)
  • Bachelor of Arts(French)
  • Bachelor of Arts(German)
  • Bachelor of Arts(Geography)
  • Bachelor of Arts(Kiswahili)
  • Bachelor of Arts(Literature)
  • Bachelor of Arts(History, Government and Acheology)
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Undergraduate Intake

The Department handles varying numbers of students under various programmes and at different levels, ranging from Diploma to postgraduate levels. The number of students varies from year to year. Overall the Department has at least 500 to 600 students in each academic year at undergraduate level and about 30 students at postgraduate levels.

Course structure and units offered

The ongoing programmes are run under various modes: Regular, SSP and Open Learning. The Department serves B.A, B.Sc. B.Ed. and Bachelor in Tourism students.

BEd students take 3 core units in first year, 4 core units in second, third and fourth years. Majors take 6 units in third and fourth year. B.A. students take 3 core units first year, 3 core units and 1 elective in second year. In third and fourth year they take 5 core units and 1 elective. BSc students take 3 core units in first year, 2 core units and 1 elective in the second year. The students register for 5 and 4 core units in their third and fourth year respectively.


Study mode and duration

The Department offers full-time, school based and Open Learning modes of study. All the undergraduate programmes are 4-year degree programmes where students enrol for between 2 (minors) and four (majors) each semester.

Department of Foreign Languages

  • B. Ed/ B.A. en Français
  • B. Ed/ B.A. en Allemand
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