Name: Gloria Ajami Makokha
Title/Qualifications: Ms. B.Ed, M.A
Department/Unit/Section: Literature
Contact Address: P. O. Box 43844-00100 Nairobi
Position: Tutorial Fellow
Area of Specialization: Women’s Literature
Research Interests: Feminism, Ecofiction, Postcolonialism


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  • Gloria Ajami Makokha (2014) Portrayal of the African Woman in Half of a Yellow Sun Journal Research in Peace, Gender and Development (JRPGD) DOI: Vol. 4(6) pp. 111-120
  • Gloria Ajami Makokha (2015) The African Woman In Coming to Birth: A Critical Analysis of Kenya’s Liberation As Depicted By The Woman’s Liberation In Society Educational Research Journal (ISSN: 2141-5161), DOI: http:/ Vol. 6(1) pp. 1-12
  • Nyambane Fredrick Monanti1*; Zakayo Amayi2; Ajami Gloria3 & Minyikha Lilian4 (2015) Indigenous Oral Poetry For Biodiversity Conservation and (Inter) National Integration, International Journal of Innovative Social Sciences & Humanities Research (ISSN: 2354:-2926) Vol.3(2) pp60-68

Conferences Attended

  • 14/06/2017 to 17/06/2017: African Literature Association (ALA) Annual Conference at YALE UNIVERSITY, USA.Title of Paper Presented:Mothers, Daughters and Gendered Violence during the Biafran War in Nigeria and the Post-Election Violence in Kenya
  • 24/06/2015 to 26/06/2015: Kenya Oral Literature Assosiation (KOLA) Annual Conference at KIBABII UNIVERSITY, KENYA .Title of Paper Presented: Indigenous Oral Poetry for Biodiversity Preservation and National Integration
  • 27/07/2015 to 28/07/2015: Pedagogical Skills and Training Workshop at KIBABII UNIVERSITY, KENYA
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