dr mary makokha Department: Geography
P.O. Box 43844 00100 Nairobi
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Position: Lecturer
Area of specialization : Ground water resource Monitoring and Management

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Research Interests

  • Groundwater resources management, monitoring, Contaminant transport, Water quality, Geochemistry of groundwater
  • Hydrogeology and impacts of climate change on groundwater resources

Research Publication

  • Makokha M, Mbwete T.S.A ,; 13th WaterNET/WARFSA/GWPSA International Symposium on Integrated Water resources Management (IWRM); "The effect of the hydraulic under-drainage system on cleaning efficiency of Downflow Roughing Filters (DRF); a community water supply pretreatment method" Birchwood Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa 31st oct -2nd Nov 2012
  • Makokha M., Kobayashi A., Shigeyasu A., 2008. Numerical Modelling of Seawater Intrusion Management Measures, Journal of Rainwater Catchment Systems, 14 (1), pp. 17–24.
  • Makokha M, Kobayashi A., Shigeyasu A., 2008. Effect of Tidal Fluctuation on Velocity Distribution in Coastal Aquifers, Journal of Rainwater Catchment Systems, 13 (2), pp. 1–6.
  • Makokha M, Kobayashi A, Shigeyasu A, 2007. Effect of Velocity Distribution on Contaminant Transport in Coastal Aquifers, APCOM’07 – EPMESC XI; Third Asian Pacific Congress on Computational Mechanics in conjunction with the Eleventh International Conference on Enhancement and Promotion of computational methods in Engineering and Science, Kyoto International Conference Centre, Kyoto, Japan, December 3 -6, CD–ROM.
  • Makokha M, 2010. Monitoring Groundwater Levels and Rate of Contamination of Nairobi Aquifer and Surrounding Regions; “Natural Resources 2010” Proceedings of International Conference  Africa-Initiative of the Volkswagen Foundation/Leibintz Universitat -Postdoctoral Junior Research Fellows, Hanover, Germany, 25-27th October.
  • Makokha M, Kobayashi A, Shigeyasu A, 2006: Solute Behavior through Two Layered Strata under Seawater Intrusion Condition; Proceedings of (Japan Society of Irrigation, Drainage and Reclamation Engineering) JSIDRE Conference, Osaka, Japan, November, CD –ROM.
  • Makokha M, Kobayashi A, Shigeyasu A, 2006. Contaminant Transport Through homogeneous Layer under Seawater Intrusion Condition; Proceedings of Japan Society of Irrigation, Drainage and Reclamation Engineering (JSIDRE) Conference, Utsunomiya, Japan August, CD–ROM.
  • Makokha Mary, 2008. Seawater Intrusion and Contaminant Transport in Coastal Aquifers. PhD Thesis, Kyoto University, Japan.


  • Joy Obando, George Lukoye, Mary Makokha; “Integrated Watershed Management at Kenyatta University” Sponsored by  Global Water Partnership (GWP- Sweden) in collaboration with Makerere University ; Regional Inter-University Knowledge Sharing Workshop on IWRM Toolbox, 5-6 December 2013, Makerere University, Uganda
  •  Obando J, Makokha M, Mwega B., 2013 “Towards Groundwater Security along the East African coast” Regional Conference of the International Network of Women Scientists and Engineers INWES in Association with African women in Science and Engineering (AWSE) 19th -21st  November,  Kenya School of Monetary Studies, Nairobi           
  • Workshop on Appropriate Technology for the 21st century: sustainable development in Africa; organized by Howard University (USA), International Network of  Appropriate Technology (INAT) and Kenyatta University; I Presented a paper on; “Recycling of polythene bags in East African Urban Centres: A new concept”, KenyattaUniversity, Nairobi, Kenya, May 27th, 2013.
  • E- Learning Network - Integrated Watershed Management workshop; ”Developing an e-learning module  for MSc in Integrated watershed Management on wiki Platform”; DAAD funded project in conjuction with Institute of Geographical Sciences Freie Universitat, Germany,  Kenyatta University, Kenya, and German Kazakh University, Kazakhstan, Castle Forest Lodge, Kenya 8th- 13th October 2012
  • Trainer/ Facilitator for PhD applicants Research proposal writing skills workshop organized by The Kenya DAAD Scholars Association (KDSA), The Humboldt Alumni in Kenya, the REAL - UNISTAFF Alumni in Kenya and the IDC-UNILEAD Alumni together with the Graduate Schools of the various Universities in Kenya, DAAD Nairobi, the National Council of Science and Technology (NCST); Karatina University College, Kenya, 1-3rd August, 2012.
  • East African progress: Evaluation and Monitoring Workshop by AWARD Fellowships; a project of CGIAR Gender & Diversity Program (G&D Proect by Bill and Melinda gates Foundation); Colline Hotel, Mukono, Uganda, 10-12th June, 2012.
  • Mentoring and Training workshops by African Women Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD) Fellowships; a project of CGIAR Gender & Diversity Program (G&D); Building capacity and leadership Skills in African Women Scientists:  Jacaranda Hotel, Nairobi, 24th-28th October, 2011
  • Kenya DAAD Scholars Association (KDSA) workshop with the theme; Capacity Development for the County Governments in the New Constitutional Dispensation in Kenya ,Silver Springs Hotel, Nairobi, November, 2011
  • Training on “enhancing the participation of African Women Scientists in Climate Change Assessment, Information Dissemination and Policy Advocacy”; A collaboration between The International Foundation for Science (IFS) Eastern Africa Hub, the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity building in Agriculture (RUFORUM), the Regional Center for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD) and the IGAD Climate Prediction and Application Center (ICPAC) with support from NORAD; 30th August – 2nd September,2010, Kisumu, Kenya

Membership Professional Bodies

  • Member, International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH)
  • Member, Japan Society of Irrigation, Drainage and Reclamation Engineering (JSIDRE)
  • Member, Global Groundwater Monitoring Network (IGRAC)
  • Member, Capacity Building Water Resources Network (WaterNet)
  • Member, Gender and Water alliance (GWA)
  • Women Organizing for Change in Agriculture & Natural Resource Management (WOCAN)

National and International Awards and Recognitions

  • October –Nov. 2013; Netherlands Government fellowship (NFP fellowship/ NUFFIC) for short course on “GIS and Remote Sensing Applications for the Water Sector
  • 2013- Winner, Advanced Scientific training sponsored by African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD)project by Bill and Melinda Gates for short course in;  “PhD supervision course”; Stellenbosch University, Cape town, South Africa
  • 2011-2013  African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD)  a project of CGIAR Gender & Diversity Program (G&D) postdoctoral  fellowship          
  • 2004 – 2008;   Prestigious Monbukagakusho Japanese Government Scholarship, Japan – PhD studies.
  • 1999 – 2001    Waternet –DAAD Scholarship– Masters Degree studies, UDSM.
  • 1997 – 1998            Dean’s List – Best performing Student, Final year.
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