Dr-nandalenga-photo Title/Qualifications: PhD - Kenyatta University
Department/Unit/Section: Department of English & Linguistics
Contact Address: P.O. Box 17952-21100
Mobile: +254719639826
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Position: Lecturer
Area of Specialization: Phonetics, Phonological Theory, Psycholinguistics, Child Language Acquisition, Neurolinguistics & Linguistic Theory

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Research Interests

  • Optimality Theory (OT) in phonology, child language acquisition and neuro-based speech disorders. Acoustic phonetics of phonemic inventories and phonological gaps. Positional faithfulness in phonology and phonological harmony systems. The phonology of reduplication, paradigms and contrast preservation. Neurolinguistics of reading disorders and the psycholinguistics of speech errors.


  • Nandelenga, H.S:2014,Constraints on Prefix Copying in Reduplication    International Journal of  innov- ative Research   and Development,3,(11), 371-383 ISSN: 2278 – 0211
  • Nandelenga, H.S:2014,*NC Effects: The case of Lubukusu Phonology,Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 19 (12), 40-58,ISSN: 2279-0845
  • Nandelenga, H.S:2015,The Lubukusu Syllable Structure in Optimality Theory,The International Journal of Humanities and Social Studies, 3 (3), 86-101 ISSN: 2321 - 9203
  • Nandelenga, H.S:2016,The Emergence of the Unmarked Reaffirmed,International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Research, 2 (4), 63-78 ISSN: 2455-2070
  • Nandelenga, H.S:2016,Word Minimality Constraint in Reduplication Journal of Global Research in Education & Social Science,7(1),29-42 .ISSN:2454-1834

Seminar & Conference Presentations

  • Nandelenga, H.S:Phonological Acquisition: A case study of a 20 month old Child    Moi University Eldoret-Kenya,12/09/1998
  • Nandelenga, H.S:Constraints on Prefix copying,Los Angeles, CA, USA,03/05/2008
  • 2002: Dependency and Structural Analogy Assumption in Language. Presented at the Graduate School Seminar; Maseno University-Kenya.
  • 2008: Constraints on Prefix Copying in Lubukusu Reduplication. Presented at the Linguistics Departmental Colloquium; University of Southern California-USA.
  • 2009: Kiswahili: Past, Present and the Future. Presented at the Undergraduate Swahili Workshop,Department of Linguistics; University of Southern California-USA.
  • 2012: Multi-lingual Brain: A Neurolinguistic evidence. Presented at the International Conference,Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University-Kenya

Consultancy and community service

  • Nandelenga,H.S:ST Mathews Cheptantan High School,2016,Board of Management Chairman
  • Nandelenga,H.S:KAG Church, Free Area-Nakuru,2015-16,Vice-chair, Development committee

1. Word Minimality in Reduplication.
2. The Lubukusu Syllable Structure in Optimality Theory.
3. Positional Faithfulness and Vowel Harmony in Lubukusu.
4. The Emergence of the Unmarked in Lubukusu Reduplication.
5. Positional Faithfulness in Hiatus Resolution and*NC Effects.
6. Markedness and Positional Faithfulness in vowel distribution.

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