Title/Qualifications: Ph.d
Department/Unit/Section: Sociology
Contact Address: Box 127, 00606 Nairobi
Position: Lecturer
Area of Specialization: Demography and Social Research Methods
Research Interests: Demography, Sociology of the family
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Conference Presentations

  • P. Moloo, 2012, History. Culture and heritage of Asian African families in Kenya, Asian African heritage Trust, Trust paid for the research costs
  • Philista Onyango and Parvin Walji, 1990, KABP survey on Aids in Kenya, WHO


  • Kaongo-male and P. Walji, 1979, Children at work in Kenya
  • Mette Monsted & Pervin Walji, 1978, A demographic Analysis of E.Africa


  • P.Moloo UNICEF 2000 Child domestic labour in Kenya
  • P. Moloo UNICEF 2002 Child labour in Commercial agr. In Kiambu and Nyeri
  • P.Moloo AKDN 2010 Poverty alleviation in Ismailia community in Kenya
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