Dr Julius Gathogo

Title/Qualifications: PhD (Theo-Rel, April 2007), Post Doc (Dec 2010), PhD (History, Feb. 2016) MSC Education – completed 30 April 2017 – with a Distinction (Teacher Leadership)
Department/Unit/Section: Philosophy and Religious Studies
Contact Address: Kenyatta University, Mombasa Campus, P. O Box 16778, Mombasa, 80100 Kenya
Position: Senior Lecturer
Area of Specialization: Liberation History, Ecclesiastical History, and Philosophical Theology
Research Interests:Reconstructive impact of African Heritage, political theologies/histories,contemporary theologies/histories,impacts and contributions of religions/philosophies to Society
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Tweeter address: @jumgathogo
Skype name:jumgathogo

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Conference Presentations

  • Dr. Julius Gathogo:The local and global influence of St Andrew’s College, Kabare St Andrew’s College, Kabare - Kirinyaga 10 November 2017 during my book launch: Beyond Mount Kenya Region.
  • Dr. Julius Gathogo:Nahashon Ngare Rukenya (1930-96) and the Moral Re-Armament in Kenya:The Turning Point and the Resettlement of Post War Victims South Africa Annual Conference CHSSA Stellenbosch University 17-19 August 2017.MAIN THEME:Major Turning Points in Ecclesiastical Histories
  • Dr. Julius Gathogo:Adolescents & Troubling Sexuality Today: Why We Must Say No to Destructive Trajectories Kagumo Town, Youth Conference under the auspices of Kirinyaga Central Sub County Empowerment Initiative (KCSCEI) Saturday 08/04/2017.Main Theme: Adolescence, HIV & AIDS, Sexual violence & Sexuality (Psalm 78:4 & 2Thessalonians2:7)
  • Dr. Julius Gathogo:“Being Resiliently Focused in a Hostile Environment: How Can the Youth Overcome the Odds and Remain Focused Through to Success?”Kagumo Town,Youth Conference under the auspices of Kirinyaga Central Sub-County Empowerment Initiative (KCSCEI),13 August 2016.At F. G. C. K - Kagumo
  • Dr. Julius Gathogo:Continuity of Indigenous Rituals in the African Ecclesiology:A Kenyan Experience From a Historical Perspective,South Africa,Pretoria University 11-15 July 2016 Annual (JOINT) Conference Pretoria University 11-15 July 2016,Theme: Popular faith and canonical faith of the Church in Southern African Christianity
  • Dr Julius Gathogo:The use of French Language in Albert Schweitzer’s Works and its Relevance for Africa,Venue : Pretoria, South Africa - UNISA, Room 9 Sunnyside Campus    for15-16 October 2015,Main Theme: “Legacies of Albert Schweitzer considered” 1875 – 1965,Air Ticket and upkeep while in South Africa provided by the Research Institute for Theology and Religion, UNISA (roughly $2, 000)
  • Dr Julius Gathogo:Ecclesiastical and Political Leaderships in One Armpit:Celebrating the Life of Thomas Kalume Annual Church History Conference in South Africa:North-West University,Potchefstroom city,13-15,August 2015,Main Theme: The history of commemorations, celebrations and anniversaries
  • Dr Julius Gathogo:Discussion on global challenges, culture, education, reconciliation and  economic responsibility,Stuttgart, Germany,Attend the 35th German Protestant Kirchentag in Baden Württemberg State in its capital city Stuttgart,1st to 8th of June, 2015.35th German Protestant Kirchentag,www.kirchentag.de/en/participate.html,Costs of accommodation and insurance cover while in Germany (Euro 30, 000) covered by Kirchentag through public funds
  • Dr.Julius Gathogo:Mau-Mau War and the Church in Kirinyaga, Kenya:Accounting for the Tension and Conflict (1952-1960)University of South Africa, Pretoria city 14-16 August 2014.Conference theme: Church, War and Peace About,$ 1, 333
  • Dr. Julius Gathogo:Education as the Gateway to Success,Key note speech during Canon Njumbi Mutira Secondary Prize Giving Day,Mutira/Kirinyaga Central    Dates: 6 June May 2014    About $ 250
  • Dr. Julius Gathogo:Education as a catapult for the marginal from the periphery of the Society,Key note speech at St. Mark’s Girls Thumaita during the Schools’ Prize Giving Day, Kirinyaga East,Date: 31st May 2014,About $ 250
  • Dr. Julius Gathogo:Discussant in Monicah Watiri King’ori’s MA proposal defence, “The PCEA and the Great Commission in Tumu Tumu, Mathira West, Nyeri County Since 1908,”Kenyatta University/Nairobi campus,Date: 10th July 2014,About $166
  • Dr. Julius Gathogo:Afro-Pentecostalism as the dominant Ecclesiastical paradigm in the 21st Century: The Kenyan Experience Limuru, Kenya    May 28 - 30, 2014 at St Paul’s University, Limuru, Kenya. The theme of the conference is:"The Post-Colonial Church: Theology, Identity and Mission"Self-sponsored, about $ 250
  • Dr. Julius Gathogo:“Mau-Mau Factor in Jesse Mugambi’s Scholarly Formation”Karatina University, an international Conference on Liberation Movements 4th to 6th December 2013,Self-sponsored, about $ 250
  • Dr Julius Gathogo:“African indigenous ways of environmental preservation”University of the Free State,  Bloemfontein, South Africa,15-17 August,2013,Deans Committee, KU funded return ticket @ $ 1, 160
  • Dr Julius Gathogo:“Reformist or an inculturationist? Milkah Muthoni’s afro-Pentecostalism”Joint workshop between St Paul's University and the University of Cape Town, South Africa,at St Julian's Guest House and Conference, Limuru, Kenya 2nd – 6th July 2013,Partly sponsored by the University of Cape Town, South Africa, roughly $1, 000
  • Dr Julius Gathogo:“Diversity and homogeneity in African heritage”Bandung Conference and Book Launching 2013 in Davao City, Philippines    June 20, 2013,http://www.bandungspirit.org/spip.php?rubrique4,Ateneo De Davao University
  • Dr Julius Gathogo:“Emerging Christianities and Kenya’s Coastal region: A socio-historical perspective” A presented at Pwani University, Kilifi, Kenya    22nd April 2013    $ 200
  • Dr Julius Gathogo:“The role of a Mkristo man in contemporary Kenya”Key note speech for Kenya Anglican Men Association Fellowship (KAMA) at ACK Changamwe, Mombasa,Kenya On Saturday 6th April 2013,$120
  • Dr Julius Gathogo:“Milkah Muthoni (1948-2009): A Review Of Afro-Pentecostal Theology of Pioneer Gospel Singer in Central Kenya”    at Carmelite Centre, Langata (100 metres after Tangaza college, Langata South Road, Nairobi, Kenya),a symposium held on – “Roho Christianity: Pentecostalism in a globalized African public space” - on Thursday 6th to Sunday 9th December 2012,Partly self sponsored about,$1,250
  • Dr Julius Gathogo:“Men battering in Kenya: a theo-philosophical enquiry”Nairobi/Kenya 1st to 3rd August 2012,Self sponsored about $ 1,250
  • Dr Julius Gathogo: “Some Challenges in Founding an African Faith: Sampling Mutira Mission, Kenya, 1907-2012”Pietermaritzburg, South Africa June 18-22, 2012,$3,500
  • Dr Julius Gathogo:“Training and Retraining of Clergy in Africa Today: Challenges and Prospects”Mombasa,Kenya,29th August 2011 $250
  • Dr Julius Gathogo:The Challenge of Money and Wealth in Some East African Pentecostal Churches,”    Durban, South Africa    June 29 – July 1, 2011    $ 3, 500
  • Dr Julius Gathogo:Discussant in David Stephen Kioko’s MA proposal presentation, “The Response of the African Inland Church to Politics in Masinga District: 1963-2010,”    Kenyatta Univ., Boardroom,  Nairobi 15th March 2011
  • Dr Julius Gathogo:Discussant in Peter Wambugu Muriithi’s presentation for his MA proposal, “Rehabilitation of Prisoners Through Chaplaincy: A Case Study of Embu and Kamiti Prisoners in Kenya,”Kenyatta Univ., Boardroom,  Nairobi,18th January 2011    N/A
  • Dr Julius Gathogo:“Reconstructive Hermeneutics in African Christology,”    University of South Africa, Pretoria,5th to 8th October 2010,$ 3,500
  • Dr Julius Gathogo:“Rehabilitating Children in Our Churches Today” Ishiara,, Kenya.closing speech during the conference on Sunday school for Mbeere Anglican Diocese, Kenya 1st September 2010,$250
  • Dr Julius Gathogo:“The Early Attempts at Ecumenical Co-operation in East Africa: The Case of Kikuyu Conference 1913”University of North West, Potchefstroom, South Africa August 16-18, 2010,$ 3,500
  • Dr Julius Gathogo:“Causes and Methods of Combating Xenophobia in Africa Today”    Bishop Hannington Institute, Mombasa, Kenya 11th September 2009    $200
  • Dr Julius Gathogo:“The Birth of Protestant Education in Eastern Africa: Sampling Johannes Ludwig Krapf  (1837- 1872)”University of Stellenbosch, South Africa 22-26 June 2009,$4,000
  • Dr Julius Gathogo:“Beyond liberation and inculturation Christologies: A critical appreciation of Diane Stinton’s Jesus of Africa’”UKZN-PMB, RSA    Sep 2009,$1,500
  • Dr Julius Gathogo:“The Quest for Religious Freedom in the Colonial Kenya (1887-1963)”    Pretoria, South Africa    14-16 January 2008,$ 3, 500
  • Dr Julius Gathogo:“Story-telling as a methodology in doing a theology of reconstruction”St. Augustine College, Johannesburg, South Africa,14th to 16th January 2007,$ 3,500
  • Dr Julius Gathogo:“Impact of Religion to the Contemporary Kenyan Society”,EATWOT (Kenya Chapter), St. Paul’s Limuru, Kenya 15th – 16th August 2002,$200
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