Title/Qualifications: Ph.D
Department/Unit/Section: English and Linguistics
Contact Address:Kenyatta University P.O. Box 43844 – 00100 Nairobi, Kenya
Telephone:+ (254)-(0)20-8710901-19, Ext 57337 (office),+ (254)-(0)719-826736 (mobile)
Email :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Position: Senior Lecturer
Area of Specialization: General Linguistics

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Research Interests:
Dialectology, Language Use and Multilingualism Language Contact, Phonetics and Phonology, African Urban and Youth Languages, Documentation of Indigenous Knowledge.



  • 2016-2017: Project Lead (PI) –Regional Project tenable in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania on Open Resources for English Language Teaching (ORELT)
  • 2014- 2016: Urban Youth Language in Africa: a comparative approach
  • 2013- 2015: Urban Youth Language in Africa: a multi-sited research    collaboration
  • 2012 - 2014: Open Educational  Resources for English Language Teaching (ORELT) project

Articles in Refereed Journals (International)

Articles in Conference Proceedings

  • Kanana, F. E. (2011). Dialect Convergence and Divergence: A Case of Chuka and Imenti. Selected Proceedings of the 40th Annual Conference on African Linguistics, ed. Eyamba G. Bokamba et al., 190-205. Sommerville, MA: Cascadilla Proceedings Project. (ISBN 978-1-57473—446-1
  • Ogutu, E. A. & Kanana, F.E. (2003). Code Switching in Multilingual Situations: Opposing Views. Conference Proceedings of ATWS Conference, September 17-19, 2003.


  • Kanana, F.E. (2014). Lexico-Phonological Comparative Analysis of Selected Dialects of the Meru-Tharaka group. Peter Lang: Frankfurt am Main, edited by Rainer Vossen,ISBN 978-3-631-60376-5 (Print)E-ISBN 978-3-653-05161-2 (E-Book)

Chapters in Books

  • Kebeya, H. O. & Kanana F.E.(2016).Devolution of Governance and Linguistic (in) equalities in Kenya.Vanishing Languages in Context: Ideological, Attitudinal and Social Identity Perspectives, eds. Martin Pütz & Neele Mundt, Duisburg Papers on Research in Language and Culture, Frankfurt/M. et al.: Peter Lang. ISBN 978-3-631-67049-1 (Print), E-ISBN 978-3-653-06261-8 (E-Book)
  • Kanana, F. E. (2014). The Growth of English as a Status Language in Africa: Insights from Kenya. In Multilingualism And Education In Africa: The State of The  State of The Art,edited By Daniel O. Orwenjo, Martin C. Njoroge, Ruth W. Ndung’u And Phyllis     W. Mwangi, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Uk @2014 , ISBN (10): 1-4438-6222-3,     ISBN (13): 978-1-4438-6222-6.


  • Kanana, F.E. (in review). Urban Youth Languages in an Evolving Space: The Case of Sheng in Kenya. Springer. (Book chapter).
  • Kanana, F.E (in review). An Intra-dialectal Analysis of a Dialect of Luyia: Backwash Effects on Language Teaching and Learning (Conference proceedings of the International Conference on African Languages and Literatures in the 21st Century).
  • Nyong’a, A.C., Kanana, F.E. and Kebeya, H. (in review). The (Re) structuring and Functions of an Emerging Sheng among the ‘Matatu’ Crew in Kenya.
  • Kanana, F.E. (in progress).A Typology of Dialect Transitions: The Case of Meru-Tharaka Group.
  • Kanana, F.E. (in progress).The Morpho-phonology and Semantics of Diminutives in the Meru-Tharaka Group.
  • Nthiga, P.M. and Kanana F.E. (in progress). Feedback Provision in ESL Writing:The Case of Kenyan Secondary Schools.
  • Kanana, F.E. and Orwenjo, D.O (in progress). Junior Secondary School Teachers’Perceptions of the Potentials of ORELT in improving the quality of ESL teaching in Kenya.
  • Kanana, F.E. (in progress). Language Policy Lapses in Africa: The Curse of Statehood and Nationhood.
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