Department of Geography
P. O. Box 43844-00100,
Tel. No: 254-725-473 275
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Area of Specialization

  1. Environmental Modelling Bias
  2. Statistics – Malaria

Professional Affiliation

  1. Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa, Kenya Chapter


  1. Patterns and trends of malaria mobility in Western Kenya highlands of Kenya (In press)
  2. Determinants of Kenya’s mortality curve (on-going)
  3. Sexual behaviour of residence of Salgaa – Long distance stopover in Western Kenya ; Relevance to transmission of HIV/AIDS and STDs.

Latest Publications

  1. Local medication for, Malaria treatment and methods of repelling away of mosquitoes in Malaria epidemics prone highlands of sub-Saharan African. (In Journal: Organization for social science Research in eastern and Southern Africa, Kenya chapter Vol. 1 No. 1. April 2010; Pages 89 – 96
  2. Basic Elements of Descriptive statistics in Geography (Monograph) – Geography Dept. Kenyatta University (Book in press)
  3. Malaria control in epidemic malaria prone Western Kenya highlands (In Press ; African Journal of environmental studies & Human sciences)
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