Title/Qualification:Doctor of Philosophy
Department: History, Archaeology And Political Studies  
Contact Address: P. O. Box 43844-00100,NAIROBI

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Area of Specialization

  1. Diplomatic History/History of International Relations

Imbisi, J. “African civil service: Prospects and challenges” in Nyanchoga, S. A Muchoki, F.M and Ogula, P.O (eds) Governance in Africa: Historical and Contemporary perspectives. Nairobi: CUEA Press, 2010.
Imbisi, J. “Religion and governance in modern Africa: The case of Africa” in Nyanchoga, S.A Muchoki, F.M and Ogula, P.O (eds) Governance in Africa: Historical and Contemporary perspectives. Nairobi: CUEA Press, 2010.
July 2015: Presented a PhD degree thesis research findings entitled: “Development
Assistance in Kenya: An evaluation of German Donor Aid in Post-Independent Kenya, 1963-2003” During the 30th Kenyatta University Post-graduate seminar held on Friday, 3rd July 2015 at Kenyatta University workshop
Nov. 1996-2015: Attended several seminars at Kenyatta University Department of History,  Archaeology and Political Studies.

2013: Attended a course on Teaching methodology, setting of Examinations,
Administration of examinations, marking and analysis of scores held between 28th May and 14th November 2013 at Kenyatta University.  

April 2009 : Attended Daraja Civic Initiative Forum in Nakuru which reviewed Government curriculum and course outlines for Bachelor of Education courses at university.  

2008: Attended Kenya DAAD Scholars Association (KDSA) Workshop on the theme: “The impact of the post election crisis in Kenyan Higher Education Institutions: Are the Ivory towers part of the problem or can they provide direction” August 8th at Chiromo Campus University of Nairobi.

2008: Attended Konrad Adenauer Stiftung/Daraja civic initiative and Ministry of
Education Workshop on the theme: “The outcome of an analysis of Kenyan Universities History and Government Course outlines” at Serena Hotel 5 December 2008.

2005: Attended Training Workshop on Teaching and Learning in Higher
Education at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, January 27-29, 2005.

2005: Attended CODESRIA East Africa Laureates Methodological
Workshop at Kenyatta University, 11-15 April, 2005.
2003: Attended seminar presentation entitled “Mosaic orbits of broken
glass: The Canadian Multiculturalism Landscape” May 27th Trier University, Federal Republic of Germany. 

Feb-July 2003: Attended a series of post-graduate seminars at the Department of Modern 

History, Trier University, Federal Republic of Germany
1999 : Globalization and Culture of Violence: A historian reflection on the USA
Embassy Bombing in Nairobi, August 7, 1998, a paper presented at Kenyatta University Culture Week Seminar
1999: Attended ‘CODESRIA East African Ph.D. Laureates Methodological
Workshop’ in Nairobi, at Silver Springs Hotel, October 18-22, 1999

1998: Attended a workshop for setting up ‘The Institute of the Eastern African
Studies’ and ‘The School of Peace, Development and Strategic Studies’ of Kenyatta University at Hotel Isaac Walton, Embu, April 24-26, 1998

1998: ‘Americanism in the Global Panopticon: A Study of the Japanization of
American Economic Strategies’ Staff Seminar paper, history Department, Kenyatta University, March 25, 1998.

1998: Attended ‘CODESRIA East African PhD Laureates Methodological
Workshop’ in Nairobi, At Silver Springs Hotel, June 8- 12, 1998.

1997: ‘The Cultural Roots of Japanese Economic Miracle in the Meiji Era, 1868- 1912: Lessons for Kenya’ A paper presented at Kenyatta University Cultural Week Seminar

1996: ‘The Impact of Japanese Economic Aid on Development in Kenya, 1963-1990: A paper presented at Kenyatta University postgraduate seminar, at the Science Complex, October 15, 1996.

Kenya DAAD Scholars Association
CODESRIA PhD Laureates

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