Department: History, Archeology And Political Studies
Position: Senior Lecturer
Contact Address: P.O. Box 43844-00100,Kenyatta University
Tel No: (254)724-335116.
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  1. Environment and Spatial Distribution of Settlements on the Lower Tana during the Holocene period.
  2. corus research on the evolution of settlement and the environmental in Eastern Africa. Research project sponsored by IRD.


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Conference Attended

  1. 2008 Sacred sites, Heritage & identlities in East Africa.
  2. July 30th – 1st August 2008 Mombasa Kenya presented a paper “Palynological investigation of the Lower Tana a casefor environmental change”
  3. 11-15 April 2005 Codesria Workshop on social studies in Africa.
  4. 14-16 May 1995 Attended and presented a paper at International Workshop on Urban and Monuments Conservation at National Museums of Kenya.

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