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History, Archeology And Political Studies
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  • Nov (18th –21st) 2006: Attended Annual Conference of the American Academy of Religion (Washington D.C) and presented paper entitled: “Religion in Public Affairs: The Role of the Church in the Struggle for Democracy and a New Constitutional Order in Kenya”
  • April 19-22, 2001 “The Evolution of An Assertive Kenyan Ummah in the Late Twentieth – Early Twenty – First Century”–a paper presented at The Islamic Conference on Africa at The Institute of Global Cultural Studies (IGCS) Binghamton University, New York. ***Note: Confirmed forthcoming as a publication.
  • December 1998: “Globalization, Islam and Social Policy in Kenya”, a paper presented at CODESRIA’s 9th General Assembly,Dakar,Senegal, being preliminary findings of the Multi- National Working Group project on “Globalization and Social Policy in Africa
  • August-September 1998: Attended the Governance Institute in Dakar, Senegal, sponsored by CODESRIA.Presented a paper entitled: “An Anatomy of Violent Crime and Insecurity in Kenya: The Case of Nairobi, 1985-1999”.
  • September 2000 “Towards Wholesome Culture in Kenya: A Critique of Current Cultural Trends”. Being a paper read at the Kenyatta University Culture Week Seminars, September 18-20th, 2000.
  • September 1999: “The West and the Rest of Us: Some Reflections on the Concept and Process of Globalisation”. Being a paper read at The Kenyatta University Culture Week Seminars.
  • March 1997: “The Itinerary of Structural – Functionalism In Western Social Thought”, KUSP/1997/8, Staff Seminar.
  • December 1996 :“Attempts at Economic Integration in East Africa: Memories, Problems and Prospects”, being a paper read at The Historical Association of Kenya Symposium, December 6th- 8th, at Kenyatta University. August 1995
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