Department of History, Archeology And Political Studies
P. O. Box 43844-00100,

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Books and Articles in Books

  1. A History of the Kipsigis
  2. A History of Africa since 1800 – co-authored with G. S Were
  3. Sources of African History – co-authored with B.A. Ogot
  4. The Religion of Southern Kalenjin 5. Understanding Underdevelopment in Africa
  5. The Making of Ancient African Civilization to 1500

Chapters in Books

  1. Social Change Among the Kipsigis – in Hadith 6
  2. A Historical Study of Kipsigis Religion – in proceedings of International Study Conference on Historical Study of African Religions
  3. The Roots of underdevelopment in Hadith 8
  4. The Uses of History and National Development
  5. Southern Kalenjin Leaders Encounter with British Imperialism – in Imperialism and Collaboration in Kenya
  6. Intellectuals as a National Resource – in Proceedings of World Conference of Professors
  7. Reaction and Resistance to Colonial Rule in East Africa – in General History of Africa, A definitive study sponsored by UNESCO

Seminars and Conferences

  1. Presented twenty seminar papers to academic staff seminars
  2. I have attended and presented papers to ten international conferences in Africa, Europe and U.S.A and presided over some of them


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