Department: Sociology
Kenyatta University
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Area of Specialization

  1. Police Administration and management
  2. Policing in Society
  3. Community Policing
  4. Methods of Detecting Crime and Social Inquiry (Research)
  5. Criminal Justice
  6. Crime and Deciance
  7. Social Change and Development
  8. Criminological Theories
  9. Victimology, Penology
  10. Correctional and Rehabilitative Systems
  11. Gender and Crime
  12. Counselling
  13. Crime and Public policy
  14. Information Technology and Crime
  15. Crime Culture and Society
  16. Community Based Corrections
  17. Crime Preventions Programmes.

Research and publication

  1. ‘Role of Small Arms in Cattle Rustling: A Case Study of North Rift area of Rift Valley Province, Kenya.’
  2. ‘Perception of Administration Police on Community Policing. A case Study of Nairobi, Kenya’.
  3. ‘Community Policing in East Africa’
  4. ‘A Criminological Analysis of Violent Crimes in Kenya’.
  5. ‘Accountability in Policing: A Two Dimensional Analysis’.
  6. ‘Police Management in Relation to Crime Control’.
  7. ‘Policing in Society. A Case Study of Rift Valley Province’.
  8. Have authored 15 teaching modules namely: Introduction to criminal justice; criminal justice policies, criminal law and justice, social problems and deviance, contemporary issues in policing, correctional and rehabilitative systems, penology, juvenile delinquency and justice, community-based corrections and crime prevention programs, crime and public policy, police administration, policing and society, theories of crime, introduction to criminology, and counseling.
  9. Currently working out a textbook in criminology for use in institutions of higher learning in Kenya and beyond.
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