Senior Lecturer
Literature/Theatre Arts
School :Humanities & Social Sciences,
P.O.Box 43844, GPO, Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel. +254 0(20) 8710901-19
Cell Phone: (254) (0) 720 421 044
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  1. 1994/96/97/98/2000: Facilitator at Regional/National Drama Workshops (Kenya)
  2. Oct. – Nov. 2000: Chief Resource Person during the Regional Drama Seminars on “Stop Underage Smoking” sponsored by B.A.T. (K) let through the Ministry of Education – Kenya.
  3. 1988/95/96/97/99: Facilitator at British Council Sponsored Workshops that were held in various parts of Kenya.
  4. 1994/95/96/97: Resource Person for English/Elocution (Kenya Festival Foundation) at Senior Chief Koinange High School – Kenya.
  5. July/Aug 1994: The only tutor from Africa at the Young Play Wrights Festival in Townsville – North Queensland, Australia.
  6. Sep 1991: Sponsored by the British Council (London) to conferences on ‘Language In Education’, and ‘African Writers’ which were held at the University of Lancaster (England) and the Commonwealth Institute in London.
  7. May 1990: Selected by the British council as one of the delegates at the African-European Community Association Symposium (arranged in co-operation with the European Economic Community) in Brussels, Belgium.

Project Work

  • June 1995:Appointed by Director – Department of Culture to the working Executive committee which eventually established the framework of the current Kenya Music and Cultural Festival which caters for Non-educational Institutions and clubs.
  • March/April 1994:Appointed Head of team of three scholars who designed relevant syllabus for English Verse Speaking and Elocution, under the auspices of the Kenya Music Festival foundation (Ministry of education).
  • 1993 - 1994:Designed Literature syllabuses and was instrumental in the setting up of relevant literature courses in the English Department at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (C.U.E.A.) – Nairobi.


  • Language And Literature Teaching At All Levels
  • Curriculum And Teacher Development (Kenya And Beyond)
  • Theatre Arts/ Theatre For Community Development
  • Stress Management/ Managing Without Stress
  • External Examiner (In Several Universities).
  • Editing Written Or Printed Materials.


  • B.A. (HONS)- Makerere University, Kampala (Uganda)-(1972-1975)
  • DIP. ED. (HONS)- Makerere University (Concurrent )
  • M.A. (LIT)- University of Nairobi (1976-1978)
  • CERT. (Primary Education)- Institute of Education University of LONDON (1985)
  • Ph.D (Literature in Education) School of Education Southampton University,ENGLAND (1988-1992).
  • TEACHING EXPERIENCE 1975-1982 (High school level) Head, English Dept.(Kakamega High School).1982 UP- TO- DATE: Kenyatta University.


  •  Aug. 2007:Facilitator (English), Sahil Region, Republic of Somaliland under the International Aid, Services(I.A.S)- European Community Project venue:(SHEIKH TOWN) .
  • Nov. 2007:Same I.A.S. Project in Somaliland (Venue: BERBERA CITY)
  • Feb. 2008:Same I.A.S project in Somaliland (venue: BERBERA CITY)
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