Title/Qualifications: PhD, MA, Bed (KU)
Philosophy and Religious Studies
Contact Address:
P.O. BOX 43844 - 00100 Nairobi, KENYA.
(Official) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Personal) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel. No.: 254-2-810901- 19 Ext. 57461.
Mobile No.:
Senior Lecturer
Area of Specialization:
African and Christian Studies
Research Interests:
Religion, Religious Movements, Culture, Development, Family, Media and Research.
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  • The Forbidden Love: A Critical Analysis (originally  Same Gender Unions: A Critical Analysis). Nairobi: Uzima Press, 2004 (With Martha Mbuguss et al).
  • Introduction to the Bible and the Qur’an, A Module for ARE 101: Introduction to the Bible and Qur’an, Co-Authored With Newton M. Kahumbi, for the Institute of Open Learning, Kenyatta University, 2002. (I did the Part on the Introduction to the Bible).
  • Christian Crusades in Nairobi: An Analysis of Socio-Religious Factors Underlying Their Upsurge. Social Science Research Report Series No. 9. OSSREA, 1998.
  • Same Gender Unions: A Critical Analysis. Nairobi: Uzima Press, 2004 (With Martha Mbuguss et al).

Articles in Journals/Books

  • The following articles in Building a Solid and Integrated Church in the 21st Century, P. N. Njoka. Nairobi: Evangel, 2010.
    • With Bernard G. Nyabwari, “History and Spatial-Temporal Development of the ACK Diocese of Nairobi”, pp. 7-12.
    • With Patrick M. Kamau, “Evangelism as the Core Business of the Church”, pp. 59-98.
    • With Jonathan Kabiru, “Main Challenges Facing Christians in Nairobi”, pp. 127-132.
    • With Bernard G. Nyabwari &  Peter N. Njoka, “The Church as the Conscious Voice of the Society”, pp. 171-190.
  • Management of Conflict and Restoration of Lasting Peace. In Kenya Thabiti Task Force 2008/Inter-Religious Forum. 2009. Root Causes and Implications of the Post-Election Violence of 2007, pp. 108-125.
  • The Family in New Christian Religious Movements. In Responsible Leadership in Marriage and Family. Mary N. Getui (Ed). Nairobi: Acton, 2008, pp. 109-127.
  • Historical Overview of the Church in Kenya. In How Healthy is Your Church: A Survey of Church Health in Nairobi. Peterson Wang’ombe (ed). Nairobi: ACM-FTT, 2006, pp. 11-14.
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  • "The African Church of the Holy Spirit: Origins and Advent in Kabras Division, Kakamega District". In TransAfrican Journal of History, Vol.25, 1996, 1998. pp. 123-145.
  • "Toward Harmonizing Christian Commitment and  Academic Excellence: The Example of Jesus Christ". In The Christian Educator: Journal of Religious Education, Vol. 10 No. 1 1997.

Participation in Academic and Professional Seminars/Workshops/Courses

  • Fellowship of Christian Unions (FOCUS), Reaching Students in Changing Nations, Kenyatta University, 9th September 2017, Participant.
  • Haggai Institute National Leadership Seminar, St. Julian’s Pastoral Centre Katoloni in Machakos 13th to 18th November 2016, to Church Leaders/Workers.
  • Haggai Institute National Leadership Seminar, St. Paul’s Pastoral Centre Katoloni in Machakos 28th August to 3rd September 2016, to Church Leaders/Workers.
  • BTL Tachoni Bible Project, Mabanga FTC, Bungoma, 25th – 28th July 2016.
  • Workshop on Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act 2015 by Kenya Institute of Supplies Management, June 27-28, 2016, Kenyatta University
  • Workshop on Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act 2015 by Centre for Advanced Procurement Studies, March 7, 2016, Kenyatta University
  • Haggai Institute National Leadership Seminar, Scott Christian University Machakos 24th – 30th August. 2014, To Church Leaders.
  • Haggai Institute National Leadership Seminar, Mary Ward Retreat Centre, Karen, 17th – 22nd 2014 August., Facilitator.
  • Salvation Army Leaders Seminar, Salvation Army West Kenya Territory Seminar, Diamond Rock Guest House, Kakamega, July 22nd -24th, 2014, To Church Leaders.
  • Comboni Missionaries during their Seminar on Ecumenism and Christian Churches, 14th – 16th July 2014, Ngong Rd, Nairobi, To Church Leaders.
  • Training on Procurement Procedures for Directors, Tender Committee and Tender Processing Committee, Kenyatta University,30th June 2014 & Tuesday 1st July, 2014.
  • Animal Welfare Education Workshop, Organized by Department of Environmental Education with World Society for Protection of Animals (WSPA), Kenyatta University, 10th to 12th June 2014, Participant.
  • Senior Managers e-Learning & Team Building Workshop, 1st – 3rd March 2014, NorthCoast Beach Hotel Mombasa.
  • Campus Directors and ODeL-Regional Centre Coordinators Workshop, 5th & 6th December 2013, Kenyatta University Conference Centre.
  • Haggai Institute Leadership Training, Lavington United Church, 18th – 23rd June 2012.
  • Fellowship of Christian Unions (FOCUS) Commission 2011, Kabarak University, 1st January 2012.
  • Workshop for Wanawake wa Amani/Women Peace-makers, Mary Ward Centre, Karen,  16th – 19th August 2011.
  • Association of Theological Institutions of Eastern Africa (ATIEA), Lweza Conference Centre, Kampala, Uganda, July 20th – 23rd 2011.
  • Ecumenical Association Third World Theologians (EATWOT), Africa Region Consultative Meeting, CORAT-Africa, February 2011
  • EATWOT, General Assembly, Kempton Park Johannesburg, 23rd – 27th July 2006, Delegate from Kenya.
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