Name: Dr Nancy Ikaria
Title/Qualifications: PHD
Department/Unit/Section: ENGLISH AND LINGUISTICS
Contact Address: 3227 -THIKA
Position: LECTURER
Area of Specialization: LINGUISTICS
Research Interests: Discourse in African context, Sociolinguistics, Language and Communication, Language and Gender, Business Discourse

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  • Ikaria Nancy,2015:Business discourse,IJSR 2319-7064
  • Ikaria Nancy,2015:Conversational analysis of sales personnel-customer spoken discourse analysis,IJSR 2249-2496
  • Ikaria Nancy,2015:Linguistic sexism,IJSR 2319-7064
  • Ikaria Nancy,2014:Discourse of advertisement,IJSR 2319-7064
  • Ikaria Nancy,2014:Pragmatic and linguistic Etiquette of greetings in gikuyu language,IJSR 2319-7064

Conference Presentations

  • Nancy Ikaria,2017:Business language,Kenya .
  • Ikaria Nancy    Analysis of sales personnel –customer discourse    Kenyatta University:2015.
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