Name: Patrick Mbataru Nyambari
Department/Unit/Section:Public Policy and administration
Contact Address:PO BOX 43844-00100 NAIROBI
Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Area of Specialization:Development policy
Research Interests:Food security,Africa-china relations,Land mutation and Agriculture,Regional economic development policy

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  • P.Mbataru.2008:Horizontal diversification in an agribusiness: The case of the post coffee Economy in Kenya,Etudes Rurales    
  • B. Charlerly and P.  Mbataru.2008:Les fondement Economic de la guere Du café au Kenya     Cahiers d’autre mer    
  • P. Mbataru.2009:THE COFFEE CRISIS ; Old interests, new interests and illusions of development Labert academic publishing ,9783838315324
  • P. Mbataru.2009:The food situation in Kenya,Cetribe     
  • P. Mbataru.2009:The role Women in the post coffee economy in Kenya ,Etudes Rurales     
  • F : Kiruthu & P. Mbataru.2014:Conflict, youth and Economics in Central Kenya         
  • P. Ouma, E.Bett, P. Mbataru.2014:Drivers of adoption of improved maize varieties in most transitional zones of Eastern Kenya,Journal of Economics and sustainable development,2222-2855
  • P. Ouma, E.Bett, P. Mbataru.2014:Does adoption of improved maize varieties enhance Household food  security in Maize growing zones of Eastern Kenya?,Journal of developing country studies,2225-0505
  • Patrick Mbataru.2015:Tweeting Votes: Middle class participation in the 2013 elections in Kenya,IFRA
  • Patrick Mbataru,2016:Karatina:Agribusiness and the transformation of a rural town ( submitted)
  • Patrick Mbataru,2016:Settling the Hippies: Policy failure and the middle class-led transformation in Nairobi ( submitted)

Joint Publications

  • Research in Humanities,2014:Felix Kiruthu, Patrick Mbataru:Globalization and conflict in central Kenya, Vol 4, no 19.
  • Les Etudes Rurales. Paris :Éditions EHESS.2009,Bernard Charlery, Patrick Mbataru:Les Fondement Économiques de la Guerre du Café au Kenya

Publications with students

  • Journal of Agriculture and crop Research,2014,James Minai, Newton Nyairo, Patrick Mbataru:Analysis of socio-economic factors affecting the coffee yields of smallholder farmers in Kirinyaga County, Kenya, Vol.2 (12) pp228-235,
  • Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development,2014,James Ouma, Eric Bett, and Patrick Mbataru:Drivers of adoption of Improved Maize varieties in Moist Transitional zone of Eastern Kenya, Vol.5, No.25,
  • Developing Country Studies,2014,James Ouma,Eric Bett, and Patrick Mbataru Does Adoption of Improved Maize Varieties Enhance livelihoods? Vol 4, No 23

Research And Publications

  • Twaweza ,2015,Patrick Mbataru:Tweeting Votes: The middle class and the 2013 general elections in Kenya, in “Kenya’s past as prologue: Voters, Violence and the 2013, General Election,pp144-155. ( eds:Christian Thibon, Marie Aude Fouere, Mildred Ndeda,Susan Mwangi)
  • LAP Publishers. 2009,Patrick Mbataru:The Coffee Crisis: old interests, new interests and illusions of Development, ISBN:978 3 83831532 4, BERLIN
  • Cetri,2008,Patrick Mbataru:Kenya Inertie de la société civile, vacuité des politiques agricoles2008, vol. 15, no 4, pp. 41-45
  • Les Etudes Rurales. Paris : Editions EHESS.2008,Patrick Mbataru:Feminisation of the post –coffee society: Social and Economic Strategies of Women in Nyeri after the coffee crisis
  • Cahiers d’autre mer, 2008,Patrick Mbataru:Horizontal Diversification : the case of the Post Coffee Economy in Nyeri ,
  • l' Annuare d' Afrique.2006,Patrick Mbataru:Le Journaliste en Tant qu'intellectuelle dans les Zones Rurales du Kenya Annuare d’afrique d’est,
  • Nairobi 2004,Patrick Mbataru:The Anatomy of a Crisis, The Origins of the Rents Wars in Mathare, Nairobi.
  • Mukuki na Nyota/Harmattan,2005,Patrick Mbataru:Religious Whispers in Wahome Works.”. Whispers World, ( eds, Herve Maupeu & Patrick Mutahi

Presentation Of Papers At Academic/ Professional Conferences

  • September, 2015,COMPREMO Co-organiser:Middle classes Settling the yuppies: Policy failure and middles class led transformation of the peri-urban Nairobi
  • October 2014,NANJING University,CASNJU Presenting:African Agriculture The role of women In food security in central Kenya.
  • May,2014,French Institute For research in Africa.Presenting:Policy Eat Cakes if You Can: Social Protection and Food Security in Kenya
  • June, 2014,The French Institute for Research in Africa Organiser:Urban Mutation Land and property boom in Nairobi: When is the big burst?
  • 2013,IFRA ,Presenting:Elections Middle class participation in the 2013 general elections in kenya
  • 2013,IFRA/The British Institute in East Africa Presenting :Development Role of farmers societies in economic development
  • 2013,French Institute For Research/ British Institute In East Africa Presenter:Land Transformation in Periurban Nairobi
  • 2012,University of Pau,France Presenting:Social transformation.Middle class and economic development in Kenya
  • 2011,Makerere University Presenting:Land Factors Driving Land Mutation in urban and Periurban Nairobi
  • 2011,University of Bordeaux Presenting:Research Communicating research findings in Kenya
  • 2008,University of Toulouse, Le Mirail.Participant:Sustainable development Sustainable Development: Theory and Operating Concepts for the Territorial Management:
  • 2007:University of Toulouse Participant:Sustainable development Emerging Environmental Concepts in Marketing held on
  • 2007,Ecole Nationale de formation Agricole Participant:Economy Cultural Goods:Policies and Trends.
  • 2007,Toulouse 1, Manufacture de Tabac Participant:Policy Contemporary Issues and Trends in Copyright Law
  • 2006,French institute for Research in Africa Presenter:Youth,Land and the post coffee economy in central Kenya
  • 2006:University of Toulouse, le Mirail Participant:Gender.Money and Goods in the Family Relations.
  • 2004,Oxford University Presenting.Kenya’s political economy.The politics of the Coffee Wars in Nyeri, Kenya
  • 2003,The University of Pau Presenting:Urbanisation .The African City in the Wake of Conflict: Modern and Traditional meet

Convening and coordinating conferences

  • Sept 2015:Impact of new policies and laws From Town to rural: The countryside in the wake of devolution in Kenya.The French institute For research in Africa, Nairobi
  • Nove,2015:Middle class Settling the Yuppies: policy, middle class and housing in Nairobi.The French institute For research in Africa, Nairobi
  • July, 2014:Policy Land and property boom in Nairobi: When is the big burst.The French Institute for Research in Africa, Nairobi

Consultancy and community service

  • M. Mbataru,CBIF    2006:Feasibility study for Small Community based insurance,1000
  • P. Mbataru,CDIR    2009:Acceptability study for community health based insurance,1000
  • P. Mbataru/E. Kihonge:French Institute for research in Africa/ EGIS-ROUTES,2010    Melili-Taveta-Voi road.4000
  • Patrick Mbataru EGIS-ROUTES,2011:Kibwezi-Isiolo road,4000
  • Patrick mbataru    Familia ya Ufariji,2011-today,Committee member Volunteer
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