Dr. Grace Wamue-Ngare
I recently participated in the Women Leaders for the World (WLW) program from May 3rd to -8th, 2015 in San Francisco, California-USA. The Women Leaders for the World 2015 is a six-month transformational leadership education program offered by the Global Women’s Leadership Network GWLN) . It is designed for women who are leading change to achieve gender equity around the world. This year’s 2015 class attracted 19 women selected across the world. These women leaders   came to the program prepared to implement and declare a defined project. The residential component began on Sunday, May 3 and was followed by a coaching period that will takes place through November 8, 2015. WLW graduates learn new skills and receive lifelong support, enabling them to achieve their commitment to impact global citizenship and social change.

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Women Leaders for the World- Class of 2015
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GWLN  2015 Women leaders in some of the residential sessions.
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