Bachelor Of  Arts in Philosophy And Religious Studies
Religious Studies Section

Level 100
ARE 100: Introduction to African Religious Heritage ARE 101: Introduction to the Bible and the Qur’an ARE 103: Sociology of Religion

Level 200
ARE 200: Comparative Religion
ARE 201: Critical Study of Old Testament Texts ARE 202: Critical Study of New Testament Texts ARE 204: Belief Systems in Africa
ARE 209: Phenomenology of Religion
ARE 210: Africa Religion in the Diaspora

ARE 214: Introduction to Qur’an & Hadith
ARE 215: History of Islamic Civilization & Religion

Level 300
ARE 300: Theology of Old Testament
ARE 301: Theology of the New Testament
ARE 302: The Church in Africa
ARE 304: Religion and Political Movements in Africa
ARE 309: Systematic Theology
ARE 312: Philosophy of Religion
ARE 313: African Religion, Beliefs and Practices
ARE 314: African Religious Specialists
ARE 315: African Religious Philosophy

ARE 316: Islamic Theology and Principles
ARE 317: Islam in Africa
ARE 311: Religion & Customary Law in Africa
ARE 320: Islam in East Africa
ARE 318: Islamic Law & Muslim Institutions

Level 400
ARE 400: Contemporary Trends in Christian Theology ARE 401: Christian Response to Contemporary Issues ARE 403: The Ecumenical Movement
ARE 406: Moral Theology
ARE 410: Women in Religion and Culture in Africa ARE 412:  Islam Christianity and African Religion ARE 413: African Religion, Marriage and Family Life ARE 414: Rituals & Symbolic in African Religion
ARE 415: African Religion and Social Ethics

ARE 416: Modern Islamic Reform Movement
ARE 417: Islamic Philosophy
ARE 419: Critical Study of Qur’an
ARE 404: Research Project I

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