Bachelor Of Arts And Bachelor Of Education Literature(Arts)


B- in English at KCSE level OR Mean grade of C- (minus) at KCSE and progressed from certifi-

cate to Diploma at Kenyatta University or any other recognized/accredited institutions. Examinations: University/Internal


Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Arts)

UnitCode andTitle

Level 100 - UnitCode andTitle

ALT 100: Critical Reading and Response

ALT 101: Introduction to Literary Genres

ALT 102: Introduction to East Africa Oral Literature

Level 200

ALT 200: East African Prose Fiction

ALT 201: East African poetry and Drama

ALT 202: Survey of African Literature

ALT 206: Introduction to Creative Writing (pre-requisite for ALT 418) ALT 208: Literary Language and Presentation

Level 300

ALT 300: Stylistics and Literary Techniques

ALT 301: Theory and Method in Oral Literature

ALT 302: Poetry

ALT 303: Theory and History of Literature

ALT 309: Introduction to Theatre Arts (Pre-requisite for ALT 310) ALT 310: Theatre Arts Intermediate (with ALT 309 as pre-requisite) ALT 314: African American Literature

ALT 318: The Novel

Level 400

ALT 400: Literary Aesthetics ALT 401: African Literature ALT 402: Drama

ALT 410: Drama in Education

ALT 414: Women in Literature

ALT 417: Major Literary Movements

ALT 418: Creative Writing Project


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