Bachelor Of Education (Arts)

Mode of Study :Virtual and Open Learning

Unit Code and Title

Level 100
AKS 100: Introduction to the Study of Language
AKS 101: Language Skills in Kiswahili I
AKS 102: Historical and Current Developments in Kiswahili

Level 200
AKS 200: Phonetics and Phonology
AKS 201: Introduction to the Study of Literature
AKS 202: Language Skills in Kiswahili II
AKS 203: Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Translation
Level 300
AKS 300: Morphology and Syntax
AKS 301: Kiswahili Structure
AKS 302: Theories of Literary Criticism
AKS 303: Contemporary Kiswahili Novel and Play

Level 400
AKS 400: Sociolinguistics
AKS 401: Second Language Learning
AKS 402: Kiswahili Poetry
AKS 403: Oral Literature in Kiswahili


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