Bachelor Of Arts/Bachelor Of Education – French Entry Requirements
In addition to meeting the University Entrance Requirements, candidates, for admission to the programme are required to have a B- K.C.S.E. level in French or its equivalents OR Mean grade of C- (Minus) at KCSE and progressed from certificate to Diploma at Kenyatta University or any other recognized/accredited Institutions.

A student enrolled in the program is expected to take examinations in all units taught. Final examinations will account for 70% while continuous assessment will be 30%.
Unit code and title

Level 100
AFF 100: French Language I AFF 102: Readings in French
AFF 103: Oral Communication Skills in French I AFF 104: Writing Communication Skills in French I

Level 200
AFF 200: Introduction to General Linguistics
AFF 202: French Language II
AFF 203: Introduction to African Malagasy and Caribbean Literature
AFF 204: Oral Communication Skills in French II
AFB 001: French for Beginners I (For Tourism and Hospitality students)

Level 300
AFF 300: French Morphology and Syntax
AFF 302: French Language III
AFF 303: Introduction to French Literature
AFF 315: Advanced Oral Communication Skills in French
AFB 002: French For Beginners II (For Tourism and Hospitality students)

AFF 305: African Novel AFF 306: Caribbean Novel AFF 307: African Drama
AFF 308: Background to African Literature
AFF 309: Introduction to 20th Century French Literature
AFF 310: French Novel and Philosophical Works in the 18th Century
AFF 311: French Drama in the 18th Century
AFF 312: Textual Analysis
AFF 313: Oral Literature
AFF 314: Advanced Writing Communication Skill in French

Level 400
AFF 400: Semantics and Lexicology
AFF 402: French Language IV
AFF 403: African Novel and Short Stories
AFB 003: French for Beginners III (For Tourism and Hospitality students) AFF 413: Introduction to Translation and French in the world

AFF 405: Critical Analysis of Texts in French AFF 406: Background to Caribbean Literature AFF 407: French Literature in 20th Century AFF 408: Caribbean Drama and Poetry
AFF 409: The Novel AFF 410: Drama AFF 411: Poetry
AFF 412: Interpretation

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