Invites you to a presentation on:
Combatting language endangerment through linguistic documentation

          Michael Marlo
A Fulbright scholar attached to the Department of English and Linguistics, Kenyatta University

Combatting language endangerment through linguistic documentation
In this informal presentation, I describe the background, goals, and preliminary results of work on my Fulbright grant, and my related research project, Structure and Tone in Luyia. This project involves the development of foundational descriptive linguistic materials on the phonology, morphology, and syntax of four varieties of Luyia: Bukusu, Logoori, Tiriki, and Wanga. A special emphasis is the tonal system of each language. As a Fulbright scholar, I am also contributing to the training of students in the documentation and description of understudied African languages in an effort to combat language endangerment.
DATE:  Thursday, 21st January 2016
TIME:  11.00a.m. – 12.00 Noon
VENUE:  Resource Centre, Department of English and Linguistics

Michael R. Marlo
Assistant Professor
Department of English, University of Missouri

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